Drs. Syngman Rhee and Deborah Mullen

방문교수 이승만박사

By 함승연

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그리스도의 사랑이 우리를 강권 하시는도다 (고후 5:14)

콜롬비아 신학대학원에 방문교수로 오신 이승만 박사님과 인터뷰를 하였습니다. 이승만 박사님은 1931년도 평양에서 목회를 하신 이태석 목사님과 김송희 어머님의 아들로 태어나셨읍니다.  일제시대 탄압을 이겨내시고 고난을 극복하는 신앙과 헌신적인 삶을 사시는 부모님들의 영향을 받으면서  잘아왔습니다.

그는 13살때에 우리나라가 해방이 된후 민족이 갈라지고 분단의 아픔속에서 평양에서 학교를 다녔습니다.  그는 공산치하에서 기독교 탄압에도 불구하고 신념을 버리지 않고 지켜나가시는 아버지께서 순교당했을때 아버지 시신앞에서 왜 하나님이 선택하신 성도들이 핍박을 받아야하며 순교를 당해야하는지를 하나님 앞에 통곡하며 울부짓는 아픔을 겪어야 했읍니다. Continue reading

Drs. Syngman Rhee and Deborah Mullen

Distinguished Visiting Professor Dr. Syngman Rhee

By Sungyuhn Ham

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Taking hold of the vision and vocation of global leadership development to which Columbia Theological Seminary remains committed, Rev. Dr. Syngman Rhee, the Former Moderator of the PC(USA), has graciously accepted an invitation to join our staff as administrative faculty. His appointment, a first for Columbia Seminary, is as the Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Practice of Global Leadership Development. Dr. Rhee is also serving as Acting Director of Korean American Ministries while Dr. Paul Huh is on sabbatical this fall. This is not only a great honor for Columbia Seminary to have a former moderator, renowned for his ministry of global leadership development on our staff, but especially for our increasingly diverse student body, whom Dr. Rhee seeks to serve as “pastor-teacher-mentor.”

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Helping Church Members Grow Spiritually

By Israel Galindo, Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning

A student in one of my online classes asked a great question:

How do I encourage members to reflect and think theologically?…. I’m having a hard time coming up with an example of what that would even look like in a church setting. I know it’s important, and I use the practice myself at times, but I can’t figure out how to transfer it to a congregation or group setting. Could anyone offer me some insight?

Her question hints at a phenomenon I’ve observed. Clergy do many things for their own spiritual growth. Some they learned at seminary and retained (amazingly, given how much students forget!) as spiritual formation practices. Other ways they learn at seminars, retreats, continuing education events, during the course of their ministry if they’ve become lifelong learners. Continue reading

2014 Convocation Sermon: Unfinished Gospel

By Andrew Foster Connors
2014 Columbia Theological Seminary Convocation held on September 4, 2014
Text: Mark 16:1-8

You don’t have to have been in seminary for long to know the way this Easter story is supposed to end: “he is not here. He has been raised.  Christ is Alive!  Hallelujah!” If you don’t know the way this story is supposed to end they probably shouldn’t have let you into seminary in the first place. So it’s a shock to hear the actual ending of Mark’s Gospel. “So they went out and fled from the tomb, for terror and amazement had seized them; and said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.”


That is not the way this story is supposed to end. It can’t end here – not like that. We’re counting on Mary, and Mary and Salome to demonstrate to us that the gospel message – he is raised – makes all the difference for them and for all of us. Continue reading

bookshelf-940x400 (1)

For the Bookshelf: Communicating Jesus’ Way

By Israel Galindo, Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning

Communicating Jesus’ Way by Charles H. Kraft is a revision of the 1979 edition by the same title and is Kraft’s third book on communication. The book presents basic thoughts on communication theory and relates them to the specific context of Christian teaching and preaching. The book is short (seven brief chapters and a one page bibliography) and the content is straightforward and presented in outline form.

While the content can only be considered “basic,” it is the type of information that is worth repeating, and being reminded of often. As such the book proves to be a valuable resource of essential communication theory for pastors, students, and teachers. Continue reading

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