’19-year-old fireballer’ Moon Dong-ju “Representing my country, throwing for Hangzhou gold”

There’s a strong candidate for Rookie of the Year in this year’s Korean Baseball Organization, throwing 160 kilometers per hour.

Reporter Seok Min-hyuk caught up with Hanwha’s Moon Dong-ju as he prepares for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

A 160 kilometer per hour fastball. Moon Dong-ju is the best fireballer in South Korea.

His slider averages nearly 140 kilometers, and his changeup, an old-school pitch that robs hitters of their timing with its velocity, tops 140 kilometers.

With six wins on the season, he leads all rookies, but he’s humble.

“I don’t have any personal ambitions. I think my only goal is to do my best in every game I go out to play.”

He’s most confident in his fastball.

Moon Dong-joo
“I pitch confidently because I have a strength that I don’t have easily.”

Moon’s unique pitching motion of raising his elbows above his shoulders and quickly rotating his pelvis is the secret to his fastball.

He watched the WBC on TV but traveled to the Hangzhou Asian Games with teammate Noh Si-hwan.

“First of all, the goal is to win, because we’re going to represent our country and we’re going to represent our team.”

Nineteen years old, he’s mature beyond his years, and is known around the team for his nerdy gags.

Moon Dong-joo
“I don’t think I’m having fun, but I feel like I’m enjoying myself, and there are a lot of people telling me to stop.” 토토사이트

We asked him what kind of player he wants to be.

Moon Dong-joo
“To be a better person than any baseball player, to be a better person…”

From skill to character, this is what Dong-ju Moon wants to be in the future.

I’m Seok Min-hyuk from TV Chosun.

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