Gangwon FC’s midfield needs challenging, creative passing

It is difficult to dismiss Gangwon FC’s lack of scoring power this season as a problem only with the attacking team.

The responsibility of the midfielders who have to supply the ball to the attacking team is not small. It is a pity that Kim Dong-hyeon 토토사이트 (Kim Chun Sang-mu), who enlisted in the military, has a vacancy. Kim Dong-Hyun is the only one who left among Gangwon’s key players this season. Kim Dong-hyun’s enlistment is not a small factor in why Gangwon, which ranked 6th last year, has fallen to the bottom.

Kim Dong-hyun is a player whose strength is forward passing based on excellent kicks. Ki Sung-yueng, one of the best central midfielders of all time in Korea, even picked him as a player with a similar style to himself. Last year, Gangwon was able to play more effective counterattack soccer thanks to Kim Dong-hyun’s highly accurate forward pass.

However, there is currently no player similar to Kim Dong-hyun in Gangwon. Seo Min-woo and Han Kook-young, who are the starting pitchers this season, have excellent defensive skills, but their ability to develop offense, such as long-distance passes, is relatively poor. Lee Seung-won, who made a big success by winning the Bronze Ball in the Under-20 World Cup, is still not in a position to lead the team at the professional level.

Without a player like Kim Dong-hyun, he has to develop a different type of attack. It is to go up to a higher position and provide a challenging and creative pass from a position close to the striker. Gangwon coach Yoon Jung-hwan said after the match against Suwon Samsung (1-2 loss) on the 22nd of last month, “Sensitive ideas or creative plays don’t come out easily. He fell short of the last pass,” he said.

In fact, this season, Gangwon often lost the ball due to lack of last pass even though they advanced well to the final third (the uppermost offensive zone when the stadium is divided into three zones). Coach Yoon’s comment was a response to the lack of goal-making ability, but it is a matter for midfielders to ponder as there are many cases where midfielders deliver the last pass to strikers.

Of course, Gangwon has a creative midfielder named Alibayev. However, Alibayev is limited to 13 appearances this season due to injury. In this situation, it is noteworthy whether Lee Jae-won, who was brought on loan in the summer transfer market, can be a hope. Lee Jae-won, a former striker, was also used as a fullback by Seongnam FC this season, but is likely to play an offensive midfielder in Gangwon. He is a player with good skills, so he is expected to be a great help in strengthening his offensive power.

Han Kook-Young and Lee Seung-Won are also active players in the attack. Even if you fail when you enter the final third, you need an attitude to deliver a challenging pass that is one beat fast.

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