I was proud…Gunwoo Park “I think I lost my color”

Everyone nods to outfielder Park Kun-woo (33, NC)’s batting talent. From 2015 to last year, he marked a .300 batting average for eight consecutive years. His career batting average is also over .324 (0.324). Second place among active players 먹튀검증. There’s no end to worries. I still feel lacking. Park Kun-woo said, “I don’t think I can continue to lead the good flow this season,” adding, “My own color has disappeared a lot.” For example, in the past, there were many home runs, but not anymore. “My pride in hitting is shaken,” he said.

Expectations are so high. This season, Park Kun-woo had a batting average of 0.294 (86 hits in 293 at-bats), eight home runs and 47 RBIs in 79 games until the 2nd. It is by no means a bad figure. He has even been on a steep upward curve, raising his batting average of 0.342 in the last 10 games. However, it does not seem to meet one’s expectations. Even after playing his first four-hit game of the season against Lotte in Busan on the 1st, he shook his head, saying, “I really don’t know.” Park Kun-woo said, “I kept changing every batter’s box. “I’m trying to tap Toe and try this and that,” he said.

If necessary, I am willing to learn from my juniors. I asked Seo Ho-chul, who is 10 years younger than me, for help. Park Kun-woo said, “(Seo) Ho-chul has the simplest form to cope with a fast ball. “I’m doing a lot of research while looking at Hochul,” he said. He also sent a long message. Park Kun-woo said, “I’m sorry, but my brother will treat me to a big meal, so I asked him to tell me what kind of routine he has and how to train.” Thankfully, they sent it to me in detail. “I threw a batting ball and watched how he swung,” he said.

This season is especially eventful. Baseball is full of thoughts in my head because it doesn’t work out as I wanted. In the meantime, I have a lot of burden on my mind that I have not taken good care of my juniors. The person who is most concerned is infielder Kim Joo-won. Although he is considered a big prospect, he has recently fallen into a slump. Park Kun-woo said, “(Kim) Joo-won is going through a difficult time. “I showed a lot of tears, but I was so sorry that I couldn’t advise properly,” he said adding, “I believe Joo-won will definitely become a better player in the future.”

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