“Director Enrique decides to leave PSG”…What’s the truth about the resignation theory a month after taking office?

Rumors of manager Luis Enrique’s resignation flowed out one month after taking office at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Spain’Marca’ reported on the 4th 메이저사이트 (Korean time), “Coach Enrique has decided to leave PSG. He is tired of the indecision surrounding PSG because of the future of Kylian Mbappe. Enrique has questioned Luis Campos.” did.

At the same time, he insisted that manager Enrique would leave PSG for three reasons. ‘Marca’ said, “We are considering the possibility that his right-hand man and coach Rapel Paul will not work at PSG due to personal problems. If Mbappe’s crisis and the departure of Campos are true, the next person to leave the team will be Enrique. can,” he explained.

“The sight Enrique can see in the first few days of Ligue 1 is that Mbappe is in the squad but he is not available, and his right-hand man Paul is missing. This is enough to make Enrique question whether he should continue at PSG. “he added.

PSG has been investing astronomical funds since it was acquired by the Qatar Sports Investment Authority (QSI) in 2011. They recruited superstars such as Kylian Mbappe, Neymar, and Lionel Messi. It showed overwhelming performances in the French Ligue 1 every season and won nine league championships since the acquisition.

However, in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), it was hardly used. strength was spent However, the power did not reach a high level. PSG has shown overwhelming performances in the group stage every season. Last season, they reached the round of 16 with 4 wins and 2 draws in the group stage, but fell to Bayern Munich.

So, I had a lot of worries about the director. From Carlo Ancelotti to Laurent Blanc, Unai Emery, Thomas Tuchel and Mauricio Pochettino, all have failed to win the big year. In response, he appointed director Galtier and challenged the stage of the stars. Coach Galtier took charge of LOSC Lille and retained a team that was in the relegation zone, and was immediately second in the league next season, and in the 2020-21 season, he was a manager with excellent leadership enough to win the Ligue 1 championship by defeating PSG.

But in the end, coach Galtier also failed. The league title was achieved, but other cup competitions were sluggish. Eventually, PSG appointed manager Enrique and planned a new start. Coach Enrique started his coaching career with the Barcelona B team, went through AS Roma and took the helm of Barcelona in the 2014-15 season.

He is the manager who inherited the achievements of Pep Guardiola. Coach Enrique took charge of Barcelona under considerable pressure. There was constant noise in the beginning, but it put the team on the right track right away. In particular, in his first season, he also achieved a treble by winning La Liga, UEFA Champions League (UCL) and Copa del Rey.

He also led the Spanish national team to participate in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. At the World Cup stage, he left lonely with a disappointing appearance. Although they were in the group of death with Germany, Japan and Costa Rica, they drew with Germany and suffered a shocking loss to Japan to advance to the round of 16 with second place in their group. However, after losing to Morocco in the round of 16, he retired from the national team and continued his savage life before rising to the PSG command tower.

But it’s very messy from the start. Because there is a big change in the squad. PSG already completed verbal contracts with six players just before Enrique took over. In other words, it means that this is not the player Enrique wanted. It may not suit his own tastes, but Enrique has focused on working with his existing players.

But something unexpected happened. This is because the team’s key striker, Mbappe, is more likely to leave the team. Mbappe has a contract until June 2024. He had to sign the contract by July 31st in order to exercise the option to extend it for another year. However, Mbappe declared that he would not extend his contract from June. Eventually, PSG and Mbappe fell apart. He was even removed from the preseason tour roster.

For this reason, ‘Marca’ insisted that Enrique leave PSG after only one month in charge. However, a voice immediately refuted it. Reporter Fabricio Romano, who is familiar with European football news, said, “PSG and Enrique have denied all rumors of resignation.”

“A PSG spokesperson explained the situation that manager Enrique was considering leaving the club. A PSG spokesperson responded that ‘the rumors today are completely ridiculous’. ‘ Enrique side is also focusing on PSG, so they are denying any decision about the breakup.”

There is a high possibility that this happening will be forgotten as simple rumors and ‘nonsense’. However, it is difficult to say that PSG’s pre-season situation is good enough to spread such rumors. PSG recorded 1 draw and 2 losses on the Japanese tour, showing disappointment in both offense and defense. For this reason, it seems that rumors of Enrique’s resignation broke out.

On the other hand, PSG is gradually moving towards one team under Enrique’s coaching system. In the match against Jeonbuk Hyundai held on the 3rd, Neymar returned and strengthened the attack, and Lee Kang-in also returned from injury. Here, PSG are imminent to sign Gonzalo Hamus and Ousmane Dembele. They will replace Mbappe and lead the PSG attack.

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