Cho Young-wook’s 12th goal’ Gimcheon 1st run, E-Land 4-0 and ‘6 home wins in a row’

Managing Director Kim Cheon won 4-0 in the 26th round home game of ‘Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023’ against Seoul E-Land held at Gimcheon 스포츠토토 Sports Complex on the 15th. Kim Cheon (15 wins, 3 draws, 6 losses) won 2 consecutive victories and secured the top spot. After the appointment of coach Jeong, he started to secure the lead by running on a 6-game winning streak. Cho Young-wook exploded the 12th goal and jumped to the sole lead in scoring.

Kim Cheon used the 4-3-3 tactic. Lee Jun-seok, Cho Young-wook, and Kim Hyun-wook led the attack. Doo-jae Won, Seok-joo Yoon, and Hyun-mook Kang coordinated the midfield. The defense was handled by Park Min-kyu, Lim Seung-gyeom, Lee Sang-min, and Kim Tae-hyun. The goal was guarded by Kim Jun-hong.

E-Land used a 4-2-3-1 formation. Park Jung-in was selected as the forward striker. Lee Si-heon, Bruno, and Byung-jun Byung added strength behind the scenes. Park Chang-hwan and Tsubasa teamed up as defensive midfielders. Lee Jae-ik, Lee In-jae, Kim Min-gyu, and Lee Sang-min were located in the four-back. The goalkeeper gloves were worn by Yoon Bo-sang.

They were two very different teams. Gimcheon defeated Seongnam FC 4-0 in the previous match. They had 45 points from the previous 23 matches and were holding on to the top spot. On the other hand, E-Land has failed to win in the last 7 games. In particular, in the previous five games, only two goals were ’empty’.

The match has begun. Kim Cheon led the attack. Cho Young-uk, Kang Hyeon-mook, and Kim Hyun-wook alternately fired shots and aimed at the opponent’s net. E-Land launched a counterattack with a surprise counterattack. However, neither team was sharp. It wasn’t finished. The tight balance of ‘0’ was broken in the 40th minute of the first half. Kim Cheon laughed. In the corner kick situation, Kim Hyun-wook took over the pass Yoon Seok-ju gave short. Kim Hyun-wook beat the opponent’s defense and raised a cross. Doo-jae Won, who was in front of the door, jumped up and finished the score with a header. It was Won Doo-jae’s first goal of the season. Kimcheon ended the first half with a 1-0 lead.

At the start of the second half, E-Land took out a replacement card. Instead of Lee Si-heon and Byung-jun Byun, Ho-nan and Yoo Jeong-hwan were put in. In the 12th minute of the second half, another change was made by putting the movement rate in place of Bruno. Kim Cheon fired back. In the 15th minute of the second half, Kim Min-jun and Kim Jae-woo stepped on the ground instead of Kim Hyun-wook and Won Doo-jae.

Kim Cheon laughed again. In the 18th minute of the second half, Lee Jun-seok dug into the opponent’s center and exploded an additional goal. E-Land, in a hurry, launched a counterattack with Honan at the fore. However, Honan’s ambitious header shot was blocked by the opponent’s goalkeeper, leaving regret. In the 25th minute of the second half, Jo Young-wook scored an additional goal for Kim Cheon, but as a result of video review (VAR), a foul was declared in the previous situation. score was cancelled.

The two teams once again used replacement cards. For Gimcheon, politician Koo Bon-seok replaced Lee Jun-seok and Kang Hyeon-mook, and for E-Land, Song Si-woo and Seo Bo-min replaced Park Jeong-in and Park Chang-hwan. A chase between Gimcheon to protect and E-Land to pursue took place. variable has occurred. Taehyung Kim collapsed on the ground due to an injury. I decided that I couldn’t run anymore. Yoon Jong-kyu filled the vacancy. Behind the scenes, Kim Cheon laughed. During the 8 minutes of extra time, he concentrated and kept the lead until the end. Here, right before the end of the game, Cho Young-wook and the politician even scored, ending the victory. Kimcheon accumulated 3 points at home.

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