“A situation that shouldn’t be turned around—I understand it, but it’s hard to coach” Yoon Kyung-yeop reflects on the 7th inning home tagout.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop looked back at the home tag-out situation the day before, which was the watershed of the game. Coach Yeom said, “It was a mistake by the base coach before the game against Daegu Samsung on the 16th, 메이저사이트 but this will also be a good experience for the coach.” In addition, he emphasized how difficult it is to be a coach in modern baseball.

The situation was as follows. In the top of the 7th inning, 1 out, 1st and 2nd base. Batter Shin Min-jae hit right-handed, and second base runner Park Hae-min sprinted home from third base. Samsung right fielder Lee Seong-kyu’s home throw was made accurately, and Park Hae-min was tagged out by Kang Min-ho at home. Park Hae-min boasts excellent speed, but the opponent defended forward, and Lee Seong-gyu’s throw was strong. No matter how fast a person is, he cannot be faster than the ball. LG lost to Samsung 5-6 and failed to win 6 in a row.

Regarding the fact that base coach Park Yong-geun turned his arm when Hae-min Park passed second base and reached third base, coach Yeom said, “I shouldn’t have turned it at first,” and said it was a mistake by base coach Park Yong-geun.

Still, “This is an experience. I understand. Coach Park Yong-geun is running base for the first time this year. As much as he made a mistake this time, he must have realized again that the base coach must be aware of all situations.”

Manager Yeom has a lot of experience both as a player and as a coach. During his days as a player, he specialized in running and defending, and in 2013, he served as a running base coach before taking over as manager of Nexen.

Manager Yeom said, “First of all, the first mistake was turning even though the opponent was forward defense. Next, you had to know the opponent’s outfielder’s shoulder in advance. Next, we need to know how our other line connects to the next one. Perhaps, at the time, coach Park Yong-geun only had Park Hae-min, who had fast legs,” he looked back. Shin Min-jae’s next hitter was Kim Hyun-soo, and Kim Hyun-soo’s next hitter was Austin Dean, who was waiting for a cleanup.

Manager Yeom also emphasized the difficulties of his coaches. “A base base coach has to know everything. We need to know our players as well as our opponents, and we need to know the outcount and the next situation. It’s a place that you have to put in your head in advance and let the players know.”

He continued, “These days, coaches really have no other way to be recognized for their skills. And the person who acknowledges this is the player. In a situation where players can see all the major league trends on their mobile phones, coaches must be aware of them in order to guide the players. “It’s really difficult,” the coach said.

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