“Maybe he’s the last 300-win pitcher in ML.” 40-year-old active player wins the most, great challenge

Can Justin Verlander (40, Houston), the pitcher with the most wins in his career, reach the 300-win mark?

Verlander started on the 17th (Korean time)바카라 in an away game against Miami held at Londippo Park in Miami, Florida, USA, and gave up 5 runs in 5 innings, but with the help of the other line, he won his 8th win (6th loss) of the season.

Verlander, who transferred to the New York Mets this season, returned to his former team, Houston, on the day of the major league trade deadline earlier this month. He has since won 2 wins and 1 loss in the 3 games he started, and is still showing off his strength despite the changed environment.

ESPN, an American sports channel, said, “Before the game on the 17th, Verlander was recording 251 major league wins along with former New York Yankees left-handed pitcher CC Sabathia (43, retired) and Bob Gibson (small), who are known as living legends.” However, with the victory on this day, I have a new goal beyond Sabathia. The 300th win in the major leagues is that.”

Pitcher Max Scherzer (39), who was recently traded from the Mets to Texas, cheered on his former colleague, saying in an interview with MLB.com, the major league homepage, “I believe that if Verlander continues to be as healthy as he is now, he can achieve a record of 300 wins.” .

The media also conveyed the same thoughts as Scherzer and said, ‘For Verlander to reach the 300-win height, there are still 48 wins left’ and ‘If he sets a record, there will be no pitcher who can achieve this for a while. He predicted, ‘Maybe he will be the last pitcher to win 300 games in the league.

Verlander told the New York Post after reaching 250 career wins with the Mets at the end of last month, “I didn’t play baseball hard to achieve that record, but I’m happy and satisfied with where I’m at.” It was not achieved by doing so. It was only possible with the help of not only my teammates but also the coaching staff,” he said modestly.

Born in Virginia, USA, Verlander was drafted by Detroit in the 1st round (2nd overall) of the 2004 Major League Baseball Draft and turned pro. And just one year later, in 2005, he debuted in the major leagues, and the following year, in 2006, he recorded 17 wins and 9 losses with an average ERA of 3.63 and became the rookie of the year.

Verlander has since recorded double-digit wins every year, except for 2015 (5 wins in 20 games), 2020 (1 win in 1 game), and 2021 (0 games) when he was injured. He was selected as an All-Star nine times, won the World Series twice, and won the Cy Young Award for Best Pitcher three times. He also achieved three no-hitter games and was also named the American League MVP (Most Valuable Player 2011).

You can see just how great a pitcher he is by comparing his stats to the best players on the pitch.

With 252 wins, Verlander ranks 45th in major league history. As an active pitcher, Jack Greinke (40, Kansas City), who has 224 wins in total, is ranked 68th. There is a 28-win difference with Verlander. Scherzer is 91st with 213 wins, and Los Angeles Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw (35) is 103rd with 208 wins.

The all-time record for most wins is legendary pitcher Cy Young with 511 wins, and there are a total of 24 pitchers who have surpassed 300 wins. A total of 300 wins is a record that can only be reached after an average of 15 wins over 20 years. It is a part that shows how great an achievement it is, and it is also the reason why fans pay attention to whether Verlander can rise to the position.

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