Lotte, who played foreign substitutes to advance to PS, Wilkerson is good but Goodrum is young….

Lotte made a winning move by replacing two foreign players to advance to the postseason. 

Following the signing of Niko 스포츠토토 Goodrum in place of foreign hitter Jack Rex, Aaron Wilkerson was brought in as a replacement for Dan Straley. In terms of grades alone, the expression “half success” would be appropriate. 

Wilkerson has been on the mound six times and is cruising with a 1.96 ERA with 2 wins and 1 loss. Every time he pitched, he pitched 5 or more innings and kept within 3 earned runs. It means that he showed the pitch in the calculation. 

He threw well against KT on the 25th with 7 innings, 6 hits, 8 strikeouts and 2 runs (1 earned), but he suffered his first loss in his debut as he was not helped by the other line. Unfortunately, he suffered a loss, but director Larry Sutton spared no praise for Wilkerson. 

Prior to the game on the 26th, coach Sutton said, “Wilkerson showed a good pitch to win yesterday. But he didn’t get any scoring support and didn’t get the win, but he executed his plan well on the mound, especially commanding all pitches.” 

He continued, “It is not easy to join the team during the season and show a good performance, but among the various factors, confidence is the most important. He knows what kind of pitcher he is and what is possible.” 

Coach Sutton also said, “The type of pitch he uses is doing well, and he knows how to throw the ball as a pitcher, not just a person who throws the ball. He can put in and take out when he wants. He is a player who knows how to read the opponent’s swing and can turn his plans into performance and make adjustments during the game.” 

On the other hand, Gudrum is more disappointed than expected. I miss Rex, who left the team due to a knee injury. He appeared in 28 games by the 26th and had a batting average of 2.5 and 7 Lee (28 hits in 109 at-bats) with 16 RBIs and 9 runs scored. He is the only foreign hitter in the 10 teams without a home run. 

The club officially announced the signing of drummer Gu and introduced him as a multi-player capable of defending in and out of the field, but he was unable to play due to chronic hamstring pain. In the match against KT on the 26th, he made 3 mistakes and provided an excuse for losing. 

It is nice to see him working hard to adapt to the domestic stage, but it is the role and duty of a foreign player to produce results that will greatly help the team’s performance. Wilkerson seems highly likely to be together next year, but Goodrum seems to be just passing by.

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