PSG retaliate against Real for Mbappe target “We’ll take five, including Vinicius”

I don’t watch it anymore. In the case of transfer, there is a counterattack with transfer.

PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) has put a large number of Real Madrid’s main players on the recruitment list. It is a kind of warning message not to touch Kylian Mbappe.

The British media Daily Mail said on the 13th (Korea Standard Time), “PSG is trying to recruit Real Madrid, which is obsessed with Mbappe, in retaliation.” We are aiming for as many as five Real Madrid players, he said. “The players PSG is trying to bring are Vinicius Jr., Rodrigo, Federico Valverde, Aurelien Chouameni and Eduardo Camaving.” Among them, Vinicius and Rodrigo were the top priorities.”

All of them are key players in Real Madrid. Even if Mbappe is lost to Real Madrid, the five players can benefit from the income statement.소닉카지노

Real Madrid have been pushing for a contract with Mbappe for several years. It is also related to Real Madrid that Mbappe refused to sign an extension contract with PSG last summer and hinted at a transfer next summer.

▲ PSG tries to counterattack Real Madrid with an aggressive attitude while defending Mbappe.

PSG think Mbappe and Real Madrid have agreed to the transfer through prior contact. PSG, who applied Mbappe quite a trial, was excluded from the roster.

For months, PSG has been at odds with Mbappe and now it seems somewhat sealed. Mbappe is on the roster and is playing in a PSG uniform.

Nevertheless, rumors of Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid are constantly coming out. Real Madrid is so serious about recruiting Mbappe.

PSG decided not to sit still. He changed his posture aggressively from the standpoint of defense.

PSG’s midfield achieves a few levels of upgrades if Valverde, Chuameni and Camavinga are recruited. Vinicius or Rodrigo could be Mbappe’s replacement in the long run.

Realistically, Vinicius recruitment is not easy. Real Madrid signed an extended contract with Vinicius last summer, signing an 860 million-pound release clause. With Karim Benzema out, Vinicius is Real Madrid’s leading striker.

As PSG, the biggest problem is whether Mbappe remains. Mbappe can freely leave for another team next summer. Regarding the extension contract with PSG, Mbappe has yet to provide a definite answer.

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