Heo Koo-yeon and Kim Ye-ji discuss the use of voice-assisted broadcasting services for the visually impaired & ways to increase viewing accessibility for the disabled

KBO President Huh Eun-yeon watched the SSG-Doosan game at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 14th with Rep. Kim Ye-ji to discuss ways to use the KBO League’s voice support service for the blind and increase the convenience of viewing the blind.먹튀검증

The KBO League’s voice support service for the visually impaired, which has been in operation at three stadiums in Jamsil, Sajik, and Gwangju since the 4th of last month, was introduced to create a baseball viewing environment without discrimination from non-disabled people.

Real-time TV broadcasts can be heard through free rental terminals, making it more convenient and detailed for visually impaired field visitors.

President Heo Gu-yeon discussed additional measures with lawmaker Kim Ye-ji to enhance the KBO league viewing experience of the disabled, and replied that he would improve the stadium environment so that more people could enjoy baseball games together.

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