‘Mental Armor’ McGuire: “Scottish fans taunted, I was happy”

Manchester United and England national defender Harry Maguire showed his “mental pack.” It’s a great mind as a professional player.

Maguire has been suffering recently. He lost his place in Manchester United last season. He was stripped of his captaincy ahead of this season. He almost moved to West Ham but stayed at Manchester United after many twists and turns.바카라

Fans began to mock him for his ups and downs in performance. He went on an expedition to Scotland as a representative of England, and when he appeared on the ground in the second half, Scottish home fans cheered mockingly. To make matters worse, Maguire scored an own goal and was at the center of criticism. In response, coach Gareth Southgate defended his student, saying, “It’s too much for Maguire, even those who are English experts.”

However, Maguire himself says he doesn’t care. “Scotland fans teased me a little bit,” Maguire said. “That eased the burden on my teammates. I was motivated by myself too. “I think that definitely made me play better,” he said.

McGuire continued, “I knew from the moment I came here that it would be hostile to us. I got most of the second half ridicule. But I was glad to be of help to my colleagues. You don’t have to worry about me,” he said calmly.

Maguire is still a candidate for United. I haven’t played properly since the opening. But it’s positive. McGuire said, “It was hard because the director didn’t pick me. But many games are coming up. I’m sure I’ll be able to play in a lot of games, he said.

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