“If you built a dome stadium in Dongdaemun 14 years ago…” Yeom Kyung-yeop, captain of the alternative stadium.

Seoul’s plan to build a dome ballpark at Jamsil Stadium by 2032 has caused a stir. It announced the construction of the dome without deciding on an alternative ballpark. Then, when it was revealed that the team would have to live in Gocheok Dome and Mokdong Stadium for six years starting from the 2026 season, criticisms grew.메이저사이트

It has been revealed that the announcement was made unilaterally without any consultation with LG and Doosan regarding the alternative stadium. LG and Doosan are considering Jamsil Sports Complex, the main stadium for the 88 Olympics, as the best location. With remodeling, the stadium would be able to digest baseball games. The city of Busan is also considering the nearby Asiad Stadium as an alternative while building a new stadium on the site of Sajik Stadium.

LG manager Yoon Kyung-yup also made his voice heard before the Gwangju game against the KIA Tigers on April 19. “The most important thing is the Doosan and LG fans. They are the citizens of Seoul. Of course, the city should ensure that they can play in a place where they are not uncomfortable. This is the first goal of the clubs and the city to ensure that they can watch in a good environment,” he said.

“The KBO and the clubs are thinking about a stadium. It should never be ruled out. The city and the clubs can solve the safety issue. In Mexico, there are many soccer and baseball fields. When it’s baseball season, they fix up the soccer field and use it. It’s hard for fans to go to the wrong place for six long years. It’s better to stay where you are,” he added.

At the same time, Yeom expressed his regret for Dongdaemun Stadium, which has disappeared into history. Built in 1959, Dongdaemun Stadium was the birthplace of Korean baseball. It sparked a boom in high school baseball and hosted the opening game of the Korean Baseball Organization.

In 2009, the stadium was demolished along with a nearby soccer field when Seoul built a design complex. A baseball shrine was lost in vain. At the time, some people called for a dome ballpark, but it was never built.

“If Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium had a dome, Dongdaemun’s commercial district would have been saved. Every day, more than 15,000 people pour out after the game. Various concerts could be held in the dome stadium. It would have been much more meaningful if there was a baseball museum. The baseball world didn’t stop it. We should have gotten together and saved it,” he said.

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