Failed revenge to KIA? 19 wins, ERA 2.10, 189K…1986 SUN. Closer to “Haetae Legend”

“It breaks so fast, it’s hard to time and hit it.”

NC ace and KBO’s top pitcher this season, Eric Peddie (30, NC), failed to get revenge against KIA. Peddie pitched six innings of three-hit ball with eight strikeouts and one run against KIA in Changwon on April 26. However, he was unable to get the win as the NC offense struggled to hit KIA starter Gun-guk Kim.

Still, Pedi took another step closer to the record books. He still won 19 games, but he lowered his ERA from 2.13 to 2.10. He also increased his strikeouts from 181 to 189. The likelihood of achieving 20 wins, a 1.00 ERA, and 200 strikeouts is even higher.

Strikeouts of pitchers with 20 wins, 1 ERA, and 200 strikeouts in history

1982 Park Chul-soon (OB) 24 wins, 4 losses, 7 saves, 1.84 ERA, 108 strikeouts

1985 Choi Dong-won (LOTTE) 20-9, 8 saves, 1.92 ERA, 161 strikeouts

1986 Sun Dong-yeol (Haetae) 24-6, 6 saves, 0.99 ERA, 214 strikeouts.

1989 Seon Dong-yeol (Haetae) 21-3, 8 saves, 1.17 ERA, 198 strikeouts.

1990 Seon Dong-yeol (Haetae) 22-6, 4 saves, 1.13 ERA, 189 strikeouts.

1997 Kim Hyun-wook (Ssangbangul) 20-2, 6 saves, 1.88 ERA, 135 strikeouts.

2023 Eric Peddie (NC) 19-6, 2.10 ERA, 189 strikeouts.

There have only been six other instances of 20 wins and a sub-1 ERA. And none of those six times were 20 wins in pure starts. Pedi has 19 wins in pure starts and is on pace for 20. To become only the second player in history, after Sun Dong-yeol in 1986, to achieve 20 wins, a 1.00 ERA, and 200 strikeouts, it’s all about opportunity.먹튀검증

Before the game on the 26th, Kang said, “I think Pedi can go out four more times. We’ll discuss whether to make four or five turns.” Since he bowled 94 pitches in the 26th game, it seems likely that he will play against Hanwha on the 1st instead of the 2nd next month. This means that there is a possibility of taking four days off.

If he gets the start on the 1st, he will pitch against Changwon SSG on the 7th. After that, there are two games in Gwangju against KIA, one in Changwon against LG, one in Changwon against Samsung, and one in Jamsil against Doosan that have been canceled since the start of the remaining games. Depending on the schedule, they can play at least one more game, so Kang is right. It’s three games.

With Pedi’s ability, one win and 11 strikeouts in three games is easy. In the end, it’s all about the ERA. One bad outing in the remaining three games and he might not be able to get back into the single digits. But at his recent pace, that’s not something to worry about.

On August 31st, Pedi gave up seven runs on eight hits with three walks and three strikeouts in three innings against the Gwangju KIA. It was his longest outing and most runs allowed in a game since joining the KBO. Since then, he’s 3-0 with a 0.66 ERA in four September games. It’s his best pace since April, when he went 4-1 with a 0.47 ERA in six games.

SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-cheol praised Pedi’s sweeper while broadcasting the game against KIA on April 26. “It’s a curveball on the pitching chart, but it’s mostly a sweeper. It’s a fastball that breaks quickly and sharply to the outside of the batter’s body and is quite threatening.

Commentator Lee Soon-cheol said, “It’s hard to time and hit it because it’s so fast. It is impossible to get a hit.” It has more lateral movement than the other main weapon, the cutter. The KIA batters couldn’t time it at all and just swung wildly.

Lee Soon-cheol also praised Pedi for using a variety of pitches in the August 31 game, but on this day, he focused on his sweeper. That’s how smart he is. His sweeper, cutter, and two-seam are all powerful, and he has good command. His fastball went up to 154 kilometers. He’s untouchable.

Eric Peddie/NC Dinos

Peddy/NC Dinos

He’s more concerned with innings pitched than strikeouts. Peddy threw 162⅔ innings this year, the most he’s ever thrown in a single season in the majors and minors. Durability was his biggest weakness in the U.S., but he’s been cruising this season.

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