Austin, who showed respect for Bae Je-sung, who got back up even after getting hit by a ‘Respect for Determination’, said, ‘Thumbs up even though it’s the opposing team.’

‘Opponent but Respect’ After being hit by a bat and playing through the pain to make a follow-up play, KT’s Yeo Ji-sung went down and then froze again to throw a practice pitch, and LG’s Austin showed respect for the starting pitcher.

Jamsil Stadium on the 27th, the site of a doubleheader between the first-place LG Twins and the second-place KT Wiz. Game 1 was a mound battle that LG won. Starter Kelly pitched a seven-inning no-hitter to reach 10 wins for the fifth consecutive year.

In the second game of the doubleheader, there was a dizzying moment when LG needed a run to take the lead. In the top of the second inning, a hard hit by LG Austin hit KT starter Yeo Byeol-seong in the left leg on the mound. He immediately made a defensive move after the pitch, but the speed of the ball was too high for him to get his glove to it.토토사이트

Despite taking the hard hit in the weakest spot below his left knee, Lee pushed through the pain to make the next play. He made a bare-handed catch on a ball that hit him in the side of the head and threw to first base. His throw was a hard-hit line drive that sailed by the glove of first baseman Lee Ho-yeon. Austin took advantage of the error and advanced to third base.

After falling to the ground after the defense, Lee complained of severe pain that caused him to slam the ground. Senior Kim Tae-gyun and pitching coach Kim Tae-han rushed out with a trainer to check on the starter, who was hit by a hard hit ball. After lying on the ground for a while and complaining of pain, Lee got up after being helped to his feet. Wanting to keep the inning alive, she pushed through the pain and stood back up on the mound.

After being hit in the leg by a hard-hit ball, KT starter Lee Ji-sung gets back up and throws a practice pitch.
Austin, who was on third base, looked over at Lee, hoping it wasn’t a serious injury. When he returned to the mound, he threw a few practice pitches before signaling to the bench that he was okay, and Austin gave him a thumbs-up with an apologetic gesture.

Austin admired Ryu’s determination to continue playing after being hit by a hard pitch.

With no outs and a runner on third, KT starter Lee Yoo-bae induced Oh Ji-hwan to fly out to center field, trading the first out for Austin’s run at third. Kim Min-seong followed with a fly ball to center field. The bench, which had been watching Yeo’s back-to-back pitches, decided that he couldn’t pitch anymore and pulled him from the mound.

After taking both games of the doubleheader, LG reduced the magic number of regular season wins to six.

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