5th place ‘Slippery’ Dinosaur in crisis gains wings made in Hangzhou

NC Dinos, the ‘dinosaur army’ in crisis, won thousands of troops. The young blood who performed well wearing the Taegeuk symbol at the Hangzhou Asian Games has returned. The competition for 3rd to 5th places has become even fiercer.

It was a difficult October for NC. Starting with the game against Samsung Lions on the 30th of last month, they accumulated 6 consecutive losses. They barely broke their losing streak against SSG Landers, but in the last game of the 5-game series, they were hit by Tae-gon Oh with a 3-pointer and missed the entire game. The ranking, which was once over 2nd, dropped to 5th.메이저사이트

The biggest problem was the pitching staff. The monthly ERA exceeded the 6-point range, putting them in an overwhelming last place in the league. Starters Choi Seong-young and Lee Jae-hak showed disappointing pitching performance, failing to complete 5 innings, and even Tanner Turley collapsed, allowing 7 runs in 5 innings. Bullpen arson has also become more frequent. If the mound went well, the batting line would be off-beat. As a result, ace Eric Peddy’s multiplier also stopped at ’19’.

NC, which was shaken, needed an opportunity to lift the mood. Just then, the Asian Games ended. Shortstop Kim Joo-won, catcher Kim Hyeong-jun, and left-hander Kim Young-gyu returned home with gold medals. I was in no position to discuss this or that. Coach Kang In-kwon included Kim Joo-won in the starting lineup for the game on the 9th. Among the 24 national team players, only two started immediately that day without additional rest. The other player was Noh Si-hwan of the Hanwha Eagles, who is in the midst of competing for the home run title.

The commander’s decision was correct. NC won 11 to 6 in the match against Hanwha held at NC Park in Changwon on this day. Starter Shin Min-hyuk performed poorly in 2 ⅓ innings, allowing 5 runs and pitching the worst, but added a valuable win thanks to the support of the batting lineup. The ride against 4th place SSG, which did not have a game that day, disappeared.

Kim Joo-won’s contribution was great. Immediately after giving up 3 runs in the top of the 2nd inning, the offense brought in 2 runners with a double that hit the left-center wall directly. In a situation where the flow could have been ignored, the score was scored for the chase. He added an RBI in the 8th inning with a sacrifice fly.

As his younger brother went ahead, his older brothers followed. They turned the game around by scoring 2 points in the 3rd inning and 3 points in the 5th inning, where they were once behind by 4 points. In the 8th inning, he pounded the weakened Hanwha bullpen and drove in a wedge. Park Geon-woo was in full swing with 3 hits, including 2 runs, and 3 RBIs.

However, it is still too early to be reassured. The 6th place KIA Tigers are aiming for 5th place. Although there are still three games left, we must take into account the fact that two consecutive games will be played in Gwangju on the 16th and 17th. KIA, which lost both its car and gun due to injury, is burning its last flame. On this day, they beat the Samsung Lions 3-1 and won three games in a row.

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