Which team will LG meet in the Korean Series? 2023 KBO postseason begins on the 19th

The 2023 KBO postseason begins with the first wild card game on the 19th.

The wild card match will last up to two games. The 4th place team in the regular season will advance to the semi-playoffs if it wins or draws one of the two games, and the 5th place team must record two wins to advance to the semi-playoffs. All wild card matches will be held at the home stadium of the fourth-place team.안전놀이터

The semi-playoffs and playoffs will be played as a best-of-five series, and the Korean Series will be played as a best-of-seven series, with at least one day between each series being a travel day. If a postseason game cannot be held due to rain, etc., it will be postponed to the next day, and if the postponement of the game does not affect the established game schedule, it will be played as scheduled.

SSG, the winning team last season. Photo = Reporter Cheon Jeong-hwan
Overtime will last up to 15 innings. If there is no winner or loser after 15 rounds, it becomes a draw.

If the game ends in a draw, the game will be played as a series without any travel dates at the stadium where the draw occurred after the final game of each series. If there are two or more draws in a series, the games will be held one day apart.

If a suspended game is established, if the match is the same on the next day, it will be played before the game on that day. If the next day is a moving day, the game is played on the moving day and the entire schedule is postponed for one day. If the next day is the final game of the series, the game will be played on the following day or on the moving day, and then the entire schedule will be postponed by one day.

Video review can be requested up to two times per team per regular inning. If both attempts are overturned in the regular inning, the relevant team will be given one additional opportunity, and if overtime is entered, each team will be given one more opportunity.

Meanwhile, if a game postponed due to rain in the regular season is a game between teams unrelated to the postseason or the relevant series, it may be held during the postseason period, and for games between teams unrelated to the teams participating in the wild card game, it will be held on the last day of the regular season and wild card game 1. It can be held on the travel day between the two rounds.

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