‘Lee Kang-in on the right’ one more time?… Break through the dense defense in the Vietnam War

The national soccer team will play its last evaluation match tomorrow (17th) ahead of the World Cup qualifiers next month. Vietnam’s tight defense is expected, and expectations are high for Lee Kang-in, the man who scored multiple goals against Tunisia.


[Korea 4:0 Tunisia/Friendly match (last 13th)]

He made his A match debut goal by exquisitely kicking a direct free kick against Tunisia, overcoming the pressure of the opponent in 2 minutes and scoring multiple goals among 5 defenders Lee Kang-in was selected.

In the second half, after switching positions with Lee Jae-seong on the right side, our entire attack came to life and became a ‘game changer’ for the national team without Son Heung-min. What’s even more surprising is that he made this change himself.

[Lee Kang-in/National Soccer Team: I think it would be better to change (the position), and the coach gave the okay, so I think my performance got better.] [Lee Jae-seong/National Soccer Team: Kang-in played on the right side rather than the center, both in his recent team and in the Asian Games

. Because he felt comfortable because he looked to the right a lot, he communicated to me as well.]

As the participation of Son Heung-min, who is recovering from an injury, is still uncertain, Lee Kang-in will have to play as the core of the attack in tomorrow’s game against Vietnam as well and break through the extreme defensive soccer.스포츠토토

[Klinsmann/National Soccer Team Coach: Lee Kang-in should be able to play anywhere: left, right, and center. When Son Heung-min returns, he will be worried about what combination to create. Everyone needs to be more creative in the second line.]

Vietnam, under coach Trussier after coach Park Hang-seo, is ranked 95th in the FIFA rankings, far below us.

Coach Klinsmann said he would maintain the continuity of the starting players, but check on new players if the first half of the game goes well.

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