Perfect Man’ Kim Tae-hoon, who marks the end of his 14-year career, “I hope to be remembered as a bright and cheerful player”

“I want to remain a cheerful and bright player.”

He didn’t lose his smile until the last day. Kim Tae-hoon (33, SSG), who predicted a second life by saying, “I want to be a boss rather than a salaried worker,” visited SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 17th for the last time as a player.먹튀검증

Kim Tae-hoon held his retirement ceremony after the final regular season match against Doosan held on this day. After completing a perfect game in Michuholgi in 2008 during his time at Guri Incanggo, he entered Incheon as a first-round pick of SK. He was on the mound 302 times between starting, relieving, and closing, pitching 372 innings, recording 214 earned runs and an ERA of 5.18. He spent most of his career in the bullpen rather than as a starter, including 18 wins, 22 losses, 64 holds, and 9 saves.

He said, “After staying in the 2nd team for a long time, I had a lot of thoughts. He thought he had to make way for his juniors. His sore arm wasn’t a big problem, but he felt like he wouldn’t be able to play full time. “He lost confidence and began to think about life after his retirement,” he said.

He said he would like to help develop younger players by opening an academy in Incheon, saying, “I have tried everything I can as a player. He trained hard and even won the Korean Series. “It would be a lie if he said he had no regrets, but he promised himself that he would live his life before it was too late.” He contributed in big and small ways when the team won the Korean Series three times in 2011, 2018, and last year (including SK).

He said, “Achieving a perfect game and winning the Korean Series in high school will forever be remembered. “I am leaving the field with the regret of not being able to show a consistent performance,” he said. During his retirement game in the Futures League, speeds reached up to 145 km/h. Kim Tae-hoon joked, “I thought about reversing (my retirement) for a moment,” and added, “My juniors made all the preparations, including throwing beer at me. “I’m leaving in peace,” he said, without losing his smile.

The seniors and juniors who had gone through hardships together naturally expressed regret. He said, “I’ve been told to think again a lot,” but added, “I think seniors Ko Hyo-joon and Noh Kyung-eun, who are guarding the mound until the end, and (Kim) Gwang-hyun, who is still maintaining the ace position, are truly amazing. “I didn’t have the confidence to become this kind of player,” he said honestly.

Even after his retirement, he will not leave baseball, but he will not be able to stand as a player again at Landers Field. He expressed his retirement by saying, “I drank a glass of soju and wrote down my thoughts about retirement in the early morning mood,” and “I want to be remembered as a cheerful and bright player.”

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