Han Seong-jeong, who returned to his parents’ home, “I will challenge myself with my first intention… I will play volleyball only for Woori Card.”

Outside hitter Han Seong-jeong, who returned to his former team Woori Card, seems to have found clothes that fit his body perfectly.

On the 21st, Han Seong-jeong scored 10 points (60.00% attack success rate), including 4 blocking, against his former team KB Insurance on the 21st, leading Woori Card to three consecutive wins in the opening game.

Han Seong-jeong joined Woori Card as the first overall pick in the 2017-2018 rookie draft and transferred to KB Insurance in December 2021.

He remained with KB Insurance under a free agent (FA) contract in April 2022, and returned to Woori Card in May of this year through a one-on-one trade with setter Hwang Seung-bin.

On this day, Han Seong-jeong blocked four attacks by KB Insurance’s Andrés Villena (registered name: Viyena), filling the void left by Matei Kok (registered name: Matei), who had been relatively sluggish.

Han Seong-jeong, whom we met after the game, said, “I am very happy that we are moving at a better pace than expected. There are 33 games left in the regular season, so I will not be complacent and focus on the next game.”카지노사이트

Woori Card experienced large-scale player changes during the off-season, with Na Kyung-bok transferring to KB Insurance and sending out starting setter Hwang Seung-bin and outside heater Song Hee-chae in the trade market.

However, Han Seong-jeong expressed his confidence this season by conveying the ‘one team’ atmosphere within the players.

Han Seong-jeong reflected, “Coach (Shin Young-cheol) also said, ‘I have a re-founding mind,’ and I’m going back to the beginning and doing my best with a challenging spirit. I’m glad that I’m helping and the team seems to be creating a synergy effect.”

In particular, regarding his chemistry with 19-year-old setter Han Tae-jun, he said, “Tae-jun has a very good mentality and is bold,” and added, “I think our mutual consideration has led to a good situation.”

He explained ‘Woori Card’s volleyball’ as a combination of few mistakes and solid defense and said, “We want to challenge each game one game at a time and show our own volleyball even if we lose.

Regarding the decision victory over former teammate Hwang Gyeong-min (KB Insurance, 9 points) that day, he was satisfied, saying, “It’s a shame that we couldn’t play together for a long time, but as a player, of course, I have a strong desire to win. We played a good game together.”

He said that KB Insurance’s play characteristics were shared with Woori Card and reflected, “Even though this is my former team, we have to win the game. The analysis came together well.”

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