You have to overcome each other to see your dreams… ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams’ by two masters Lee Jeong-hyo and Hong Myung-bo

Gwangju FC, led by coach Lee Jeong-hyo, will play the 34th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 against Ulsan Hyundai, coach Hong Myung-bo, at Gwangju Soccer Stadium at 2 p.m. on the 21st. Heading into the first game of the final round, both teams are looking only at ‘victory’. Gwangju, ranked 3rd in K-League 1, will advance to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL), while Ulsan, the leader, is determined to achieve ‘two consecutive losses’ for the first time in the club’s history.

Coach Lee Jeong-hyo, who faced reporters before the final round media day on the 18th, said, “I think the first game is the most important. “I’m only thinking about the Ulsan game ahead,” he said, pledging victory. From Gwangju’s point of view, aiming for second place, they must make a good start in the final round to hope for even greater heights.스포츠토토

Coach Lee Jeong-hyo, who achieved the goal of ’15 wins’ set before the start of the season, dreams of advancing to the ACL in the 2024-25 season. He said, “I tell the players that they must compete for the ACL. He believes that the Gwangju club itself needs to change. He repeatedly emphasized, “If we want to force change, we need to get out of the ACL.” He is saying that only if he enters the Asian stage will the club’s investment follow.

Coach Hong Myung-bo, who gifted Ulsan its first championship in 17 years last year, is trying to write a new history. Director Hong said at Media Day, “It’s hard to see because it’s a road no one has been on, but we’ll do our best until the end. Every game is important. “Our goal is to put one more star on the left chest.”

Ulsan (67 points), which has not lost first place since March 19, is 9 points ahead of second place Pohang Steelers (58 points). This is a positive situation in which the team can win the championship trophy on their own in the remaining five games.

However, the atmosphere of both teams ahead of the first round of the final round is clearly different. The home team, Gwangju, has recorded only 1 loss (7 wins, 2 draws) in the last 10 games. This season, the club also set pleasant records, including the most wins in K League 1 history and wins against all K League 1 teams. On the other hand, Ulsan, who had 3 wins, 5 draws, and 2 losses in the last 10 games, appears to have slowed down a bit.

In addition, Ulsan did not have enough time to properly adjust during the international break as many of its key players, including Cho Hyun-woo, Kim Tae-hwan, and Seol Young-woo, were called up to the national soccer team. Coach Hong Myung-bo said, “Gwangju is good overall, so I think we should prepare well. “Especially since it is an away game, I think we will need to closely monitor the players’ condition,” he said.

Ulsan won two of the three previous regular rounds against Gwangju. In the most recent match last month, Gwangju won at home in Ulsan.

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