Jeju United defeats Gangwon FC, retains early, spurs success in FA Cup

Jeju United, which escaped from its recent slump, will accelerate its early retention in the away game in the 35th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 against Gangwon FC held at Gangneung Sports Complex at 4:30 pm on the 28th.

Previously, Jeju won 2-0 in the home game of the 34th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 against Suwon Samsung held at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 22nd. In addition, with Acting Manager Jeong Jo-guk’s first win since taking office, the team escaped the recent slump of 4 consecutive losses and 7 consecutive games without a win (1 draw, 6 losses).토스카지노

In addition, Jeju’s victory moved the shadow of relegation further away. The gap with 10th place Suwon FC (32 points), which is at risk of relegation, has widened to 6 points. If Suwon FC defeats Gangwon this weekend and loses to FC Seoul, the point gap will widen to 9 points with 3 games remaining, effectively booking their stay. Naturally, preparations for the FA Cup semifinals against Pohang Steelers on the 1st of next month will also become easier.

Jeju is in a good mood ahead of an important match. The victory changed the atmosphere, and they have faced their opponent, Gangwon, three times this season and have not lost. They are ahead of their opponents with 1 win and 2 draws. In particular, the performance of the line consisting of powerful weapons Yuri, Seo Jin-soo, and Hayes stood out.

Yuri (10 goals, 4 assists), who ranks first in attack points in the team, scored with a sensational lob shot in the game against Gangwon (2-2 draw) on June 3. His recent momentum has reached its peak as he succeeded in scoring double digits with an overwhelming header against Suwon.

Hayes was also strong in Gangwon. Following the first goal against Gangwon on June 3, he played as a kicker in a penalty kick (PK) chance at the end of the game against Gangwon (1-1 draw) on August 6 and scored the golden equalizer. Seo Jin-su led the team to victory by scoring the winning goal against Gangwon on April 9 (1-0 win).

The defense, which allowed no goals in the last game against Suwon, is also becoming more solid. While 34th round MVP Kim Geon-woong takes center stage, moving between the second and third lines, Lim Chae-min and Lee Ki-hyuk, who were selected as the best 11 of the 34th round, are also in good form. In addition, the return of Kim Oh-gyu, who was released from accumulating warnings, further strengthened the weight of the defensive line.

Acting manager Jeong Jo-guk said, “We achieved a breakthrough with the victory against Suwon. However, it is still not a situation that can be reassured. We must fight against Gangwon by coming together with faith and trust. “We have to continue to produce results, increase confidence, and then paint a better picture in the FA Cup,” he said. “I believe in the players. “I will also give my all for the team,” he said.

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