Korea’s FIFA ranking rises from 26th to 24th… Japan ranked 18th ‘maintained in the top 10’

The Korean national soccer team ranked 24th in the FIFA rankings, up two places from last month. This is the achievement of capturing all two consecutive domestic friendly matches against Tunisia and Vietnam held earlier.

According to the October FIFA rankings announced by FIFA on the 26th, Korea ranked 24th with 1,540.35 points. Previously, Korea won 4-0 over Tunisia and 6-0 over Vietnam.

Korea, which rose from 28th to 26th last month thanks to a draw away to Wales and a win over Saudi Arabia, rose two places in the FIFA rankings for the second consecutive time. Korea’s FIFA ranking fell from 25th in December last year to 27th in April and 28th in June after the launch of Klinsmann, before rebounding in September.짱구카지노

In Asia, it maintained its third place following Japan (18th) and Iran (21st). Last June, when it fell to 28th place, it was pushed back by Australia (27th at the time) and fell to fourth place in Asia, but last month, it surpassed Australia and regained 3rd place in Asia, maintaining its 3rd place in Asia for two consecutive months. Australia maintained its 27th place since last month.

Japan maintained its first place in Asia. Japan has maintained this position ever since it surpassed Iran in December last year to become number one in Asia. Japan also defeated Canada 4-1 and Tunisia 2-0 in the October international match. Japan rose one place from 19th to 18th with a total score of 1612.99. Japan entered the top 10 for the first time in 11 years last month and maintained its ranking in the top 10 for two consecutive months.

Iran ranked 21st, the same as last month, the second highest in Asia. Continuing from last month, Japan, Iran, Korea, and Australia maintained their top 4 positions in Asia. They were followed by Saudi Arabia (57th), Qatar (61st), Iraq (68th), the United Arab Emirates (69th), Oman (72nd), and Uzbekistan (73rd).

In addition, China ranked 79th, Vietnam ranked 94th, and North Korea ranked 115th. Singapore, Klinsmann’s opponent for next month’s World Cup qualifiers, is ranked 155th in the FIFA rankings. Tunisia, which suffered consecutive losses to Korea and Japan in the October international match, fell three places from 29th to 32nd.

The world’s top five remained unchanged, in that order: Argentina, France, Brazil, England, and Belgium. While Portugal rose from 8th to 6th and Spain from 10th to 8th, Croatia fell from 6th to 10th. Argentina (1st, South America), France (2nd, Europe), the United States (11th, North and Central America), Morocco (13th, Africa), Japan (18th, Asia), and New Zealand (103rd, Oceania) were first in each continent.

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