From the numbers ‘8 (Shin Jin-ho)’ to ‘20 (Del Bridge)’ to ‘5’ (Lee Myung-joo)… Director Seong-hwan Cho engraves ‘sincerity’ directly on his hat.

Incheon United manager Cho Seong-hwan is ‘sincerely’ hoping for the return of the injured players.

Incheon is going through difficult times. Although the team has advanced to Final A (sixth round), injuries continue to occur due to the grueling schedule.

Midfielder Shin Jin-ho and defender Del Bridge, key resources, have already left. They are ankle and thigh injuries, respectively. Coach Cho had the numbers ‘5’ and ’20’ engraved on the right side of his cap in the first game of the final round, against the Pohang Steelers (1-1 draw). It expresses the hope that the two will return quickly.온라인카지노

However, contrary to Coach Cho’s wishes, Shin Jin-ho and Del Bridge were unfortunately ruled out for the season. Shin Jin-ho completed surgery and began rehabilitation. Director Cho said at the time, “Shin Jin-ho and Del Bridge were sad. It is actually difficult to manage as a manager without Shin Jin-ho and Del Bridge. He emphasized, “I hope to return as soon as possible.”온라인카지노

‘Bad news’ has come again. Another midfielder, Myung-Joo Lee, also collapsed at the end of the first half of the Pohang game. The diagnosis of partial medial ligament tear was accepted. Although it is not a season out, it is expected that it will be difficult for him to participate for the time being. Myung-Joo Lee missed the Asian Champions League (ACL) group stage against Shandong Taishan (China) on the 25th.

This time, Director Cho engraved the number ‘5’ on the left side of his hat. 5 is Lee Myung-ju’s uniform number. According to Incheon officials, it is rumored that Coach Cho carefully engraved the number ‘5’ on his hat ahead of the Shandong match. This means that Coach Cho is saddened by the player’s injury and hopes for a quick return. Engraving numbers on a manager’s hat is common in professional baseball, but it is not a common occurrence in soccer.

Coach Cho said after the loss against Shandong, “This is a crisis. “Players must be alert and prepare at their respective positions,” he said, facing reality. Incheon will travel to Gwangju FC on the 28th and then move back to Jeonju to play Jeonbuk Hyundai in the semifinals of the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup. A very important time has come to Incheon.

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