Will Bauer, a former Cy Young Award winner, return to the major leagues in Japan?

There is a prediction that Trevor Bauer (32) is likely to return to the U.S. stage thanks to his performance in his debut season in Japanese professional baseball.

Japanese news media ‘J Cast’ reported on October 24, “Earlier this month, we reconciled and reached a legal agreement with the woman involved in the sexual assault allegations. “The probability of returning to the major leagues has increased,” the report said.

Trevor Bauer was accused of assault after sexual intercourse in June 2021. He was acquitted of charges by the prosecution in February 2022 due to insufficient evidence, but it became the reason for him to leave American professional baseball.

The main image of the personal section that Yokohama DeNA Baystars ran with Trevor Bauer as the main character on the club’s official website throughout the 2023 Japanese professional baseball season.
‘JCast’ summarized the 2023 season of Japanese professional baseball played at the Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars, saying, “There were quite a few skeptical views (perhaps due to personal issues), but the skills of the right-handed pitcher who won the Cy Young Award were truly remarkable.”스포츠토토

Trevor Bauer was also the National League’s ERA leader with the Cincinnati Reds in 2020, receiving the Cy Young Award, the highest honor for a major league pitcher.

‘J Cast’ said, “It took some time to get into shape, so he only made his first-team debut in early May, but he recorded 10 wins and 4 losses in 19 games, with an earned run average of 2.76. He praised the 2023 season, saying, “The fast ball in the mid-150 km/h range had sufficient position (in addition to the speed) and the quality of the breaking ball was high.”

Despite the current trend of starting pitchers throwing fewer balls than in the past, Trevor Bauer has pitched 6.85 innings per game in Japanese professional baseball, showing enough endurance to allow Yokohama DeNA Baystars coaches to pitch more if they wanted, according to JCast.

‘J Cast’ also viewed it positively as showing “a strong body and mindset that did not hesitate to pitch after a four-day rest even though it was the first time experiencing the hot and humid Japanese summer.”

Naturally, if the players are good, it is a local atmosphere that I would like to see in Japanese professional baseball in 2024. ‘J Cast’ said, “This is Trevor Bauer, who liked living in Japan throughout this season. “If I don’t return to the U.S., the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks are a strong possibility,” he said.

Fukuoka Softbank Hawks is the parent company of the world’s largest technology-focused venture capital fund. ‘JCast’ added, “Other Japanese professional baseball teams have virtually given up on competing to recruit Trevor Bauer, saying, ‘They can’t win the money game.’”

Trevor Bauer said in an official statement released on his YouTube channel on October 22, “It was really fun thanks to the support of Yokohama DeNA Baystars and fans. It was a motivating year full of energy. “I want to experience it again,” he said, not ruling out the possibility of staying in Japan.

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