Jeonbuk or Pohang?’ Ulsan K-League Championship Awards Ceremony Invitation Team, Everyone Feels a Big Hit

Ulsan Hyundai holds a K-League victory ceremony in front of its rivals. No matter who it is, the opposing team is bound to feel sick to their stomachs.

Ulsan, led by coach Hong Myung-bo, defeated Daegu FC 2-0 in the 35th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan on the 20th and reached 70 points. The gap with second place Pohang Steelers (60 points) widened to 10 points. There are only 3 games left. Even if Ulsan loses and Pohang wins, the ranking does not change.

Ulsan, which confirmed its early victory, has not yet held an awards ceremony to lift the championship cup against a backdrop of colorful pollen. They only took commemorative photos with fans while holding a placard that said, ‘Achieved 300,000 spectators in the first season since its founding.’ The plan is to hold a grand awards ceremony during the remaining home games.

The opponents for the remaining home games are interesting. Ulsan will play round 36 against ‘east coast rival’ Pohang at home on the 12th of next month. On December 3rd, Hyundai will play its final match of the 38th round at home against rival Jeonbuk Hyundai. Ulsan is facing one of its long-time rivals, Pohang and Jeonbuk. “Goodbye~!” Prepare to sing along.짱구카지노 주소

Currently, there is a high possibility that the championship award ceremony will be held in the final match against Jeonbuk. An official from the Korea Professional Football League said, “We are discussing the championship award ceremony schedule with the Ulsan club. “Ulsan wants to hold a victory ceremony in the final game (against Jeonbuk),” he explained.

This is not because the opponent in the final match is rival Jeonbuk. If a team that wins early holds the championship award ceremony early, attention to the remaining home games decreases, and audience revenue and marketing are also adversely affected. Ulsan (17,670), currently ranked second in average attendance in the K League, plans to attract as many spectators as possible for the remaining two games.

Looking at a recent example, all winning teams from the 2019-2022 season held a championship award ceremony in the 38th round, the final game. There was no overwhelming early winning team in these four seasons. Ulsan and Jeonbuk fought back and forth until the end of the season. Because of this, there was no choice but to hold a victory ceremony in the last home game.

In the 2018 season, Jeonbuk confirmed the championship before entering the final round and held an awards ceremony at the home game in the 33rd round. The number of spectators attending the 33rd round Incheon United match was 18,482. However, the number of spectators attending the 34th round home game against Suwon Samsung was only 7,866. The crowd for the home game following the awards ceremony was cut in half.

Ulsan ranks second in average attendance, receiving a cumulative attendance of 300,406 in 17 home games this season. Although it is mathematically difficult to overturn FC Seoul (21,890), which ranks first in average attendance, it is possible to set new records for the highest cumulative attendance and average attendance ever. This is why the festival must continue until the Pohang and Jeonbuk matches.

Meanwhile, one of Jeonbuk and Pohang, which will appear as a supporting actor at the 2023 season Ulsan championship award ceremony, is confirmed to be unattached this year. Both Jeonbuk and Pohang advanced to the semifinals of the FA Cup, but only one team took home the trophy. There is a possibility that both will miss out on the championship.

The FA Cup semifinals are scheduled for Jeonbuk-Incheon and Jeju-Pohang on the 1st. The winner of these two games will play in the single finals on the 4th. Jeonbuk and Pohang, as well as Incheon and Jeju Island, are highly motivated to win the FA Cup. Therefore, the opposing team at the Ulsan championship ceremony can only satisfy their appetite with ‘empty hands’.

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