It is the squad that distributes MLB postseason dividends

Major League Baseball today announced its 2023 postseason revenue share (pool).

It will total $107.8 million ($144.4 million), the highest amount ever. The previous record was $175 million last year. The World Series champion Texas Rangers will receive $38.8 million (505 million won), with 64 players receiving the highest payout of $506,253 (659.64 million won). The highest individual payout was Houston’s $516,347 last year.

While the amount of dividends paid to teams will be the highest in Texas in 2023, the full share going to individuals was highest in Houston last year. The difference is in the distribution of dividends. In Texas, 64 people received a full share, compared to 59 in Houston.

Since MLB receives postseason dividends, there is no team bonus for winning the WS. MLB’s dividend is the bonus. The LG Twins, who won the KBO’s Korean Series in 2023, received an overall dividend of 2.946 billion won.레모나토토 주소

The runner-up Arizona Diamondbacks players and coaching staff received $313,634 ($486.6 million). Last year’s World Series losers, the Philadelphia Phillies, received $296,255. This year’s payouts went up across the board, with World Series winners and runners-up sharing equally.

All 12 teams that advanced to the postseason received a payout. The Milwaukee Brewers, who were eliminated in the Wild Card Series, receive the smallest amount, $8336. The Tampa Bay Rays get $8728.

Postseason earnings payouts differ between MLB and KBO. In the KBO, if the Korean Series goes to Game 7, the team pays its expenses and the rest goes to the players. MLB is different. The Wild Card Series only pays out after two games, the Division Series after three, and the Championship and World Series after four. Even if the series goes to a seventh game, the revenue from games 5, 6, and 7 goes to the MLB fund.

There’s a reason for this. MLB has a dark history with the Black Sox scandal, where the Chicago White Sox lost a game to the Black Sox in 1919. The reason for breaking the revenue distribution into multiplier rounds is to prevent teams from colluding with each other. The difference between Game 4 and Game 7 revenues is huge. It’s possible for two teams to collude to force a Game 7. To prevent this, we use a best-of-seven series.

The distribution of postseason dividends is also determined by the teams. In the case of Texas, 12.56% of the dividend is partial and $48,000 is cash. For example, if a player is traded during the season, there is no superlative for dividends. It’s a partial distribution. Minor league coaches, interpreters, and operations staff are also paid. It’s up to the team to decide.

In the case of Curtis Chung, who worked for the Lotte Giants and is now a scout for the Texas Rangers. These employees will receive a cash distribution. When a team wins the World Series, the stars align for its employees.

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