“Let’s postpone the enlistment.” At the request of the head of the team, the gatekeeper of “Crazy Safe Show” said, “I want to play hard to get.”

“You said you’d stay with me until the end, but I think we need to have one more meeting separately. I’ll do my part.”

Incheon United goalkeeper Kim Dong-heon was the man of the match in the team’s 2-1 win over Yokohama Marinos in the fifth leg of their 2023-2024 Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) Group G match at the Incheon Football Stadium on Monday. Hong Shihu and Hernandez scored back-to-back goals, but it was Kim Dong-heon’s “crazy saves” that stole the show.레모나토토

Even the enemy captain had his tongue out. Kim Dong-heon stopped all of Yokohama’s attacks. After starting the first half on the front foot, Eubert’s powerful right-footed shot in the 34th minute was saved by Kim. In the 35th minute, he again showed his animal instincts when a ball from behind was caught by Kona’s foot. His opponents will be wagging their tongues as he saved most of the other shots on target.

After the match, Yokohama Marinos head coach Kevin Muscat said, “If their goalkeeper hadn’t made the saves, it would have been two or three goals, but that’s something we have to accept. It’s not that we didn’t have chances, it’s just that their goalkeeper was so good,” he said tongue-in-cheek.

Kim Dong-heon smiled and said, “Thank you,” and added, “He’s a goalkeeper, so I think he should stop it. Are you a goalkeeper if you score all the goals?” He laughed and said, “I think I took it a little easier because there’s not much left. Not only me, but the players are in good shape these days. Not to mention the atmosphere. We’re confident, and the younger players are fighting and united. We are learning those things,” he said.토토사이트

Incheon is missing more than half of its starters, including Mugosawa Jerso, Shin Shin-ho, Lee Myung-joo and Moon Ji-hwan. Kim Do-hyuk, Kim Bo-seop, Oh Ban-seok, and Kim Yeon-soo took the center stage, while U-22 resources Hong Si-hoo, Park Hyun-bin, Park Seung-ho, and Choi Woo-jin provided the spark. “The young players and the veteran brothers worked well together in the last game, so I wasn’t worried,” said Kim Dong-heon. I think we won because we worked as hard as we did against Ulsan,” he smiled.

The game was originally supposed to be Kim’s last in an Incheon jersey. He was selected in June for the second round of the 2023 National Armed Forces Representative (Commercial) Athlete (Military) Men’s Soccer Program, and his enlistment date was set for the fourth of next month. However, the military decided to postpone the recruits’ enlistment date at the player’s request. This was in consideration of the K League Final Round and the promotion playoffs (PO).

Incheon head coach Cho Sung-hwan wanted Kim Dong-heon to finish out the season, as Incheon will play the K League final against Daegu FC on March 3 and then host Kaya FC on March 13 in the sixth round of the ACL group stage. Cho said, “I wanted him to join the team until the last game against Kaya. I told him to delay his enlistment,” he laughed.

“I haven’t talked to the coach yet,” Kim Dong-heon laughed, adding, “He asked me after the game. He said he wanted me to stay until the end, but I think we need to have another meeting. I’ll try to sneak in,” he added.

He added, “I’d rather delay my enlistment if I had a teammate with me than join late by myself,” and said, “Thank you for always trusting me so much and believing in me. Thanks to him, I think this situation is coming. I will try to create such a result that the coach is satisfied.”

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