Busan, which was too harsh, ‘promotion of the first division → a curse of a minute’, starts again…It’s not over until it’s over

It was a miraculous journey. But the ending was harsh. There were six minutes of second-half added time. If they had held on for one minute, it could have been a different world. In the 51st minute of the second half, Chungbuk Cheongju FC’s Georges scored an unbelievable equalizer off his toes, shattering their dream of direct first division promotion. When the final whistle blew, the ground was a sea of tears. The coach shook his head, saying, “I don’t think the heavens are on my side.”

This is today at Busan IPark. It’s a day of shock. The heartbreak is indescribable. Busan wishes they could go back to the morning of the 26th, a Sunday, when time has passed. However, it is a ‘torture’ that is not fulfilled in reality. This is why the world of competition is sober.레모나토토

Busan narrowly escaped the bottom of the table last year, finishing 10th out of 11 teams. The second division is a volatile stage. Still, it’s not easy for a 10th-place team to win the title next season. Busan overhauled its roster through the winter and summer transfer markets. It was the first season for Busan coach Park Jin-seop, who took the helm in June last year, so the reforms were sharp. They went back to the basics and improved their physical strength.

The fruits were bright. Busan reached the top of the table for the first time in June. It was the one-year anniversary of Park’s arrival at the helm. In July and August, they lost the top spot to Gyeongnam and Gimcheon Commerce, but on September 3, they regained the lead. They have been on top ever since.

The first and second place in the K League 2 is Chunyang Jicha. Only the first place wins direct promotion. The second-place team will have to play a promotion playoff (PO) against the 11th-place team in K League 1. It’s a thorny path. Busan had two chances to clinch the title. If they had beaten the Jeonnam Dragons on the 12th, they would have been promoted. However, they lost 0-3 and turned their steps to the final game. The second and final D-Day was on the 26th. Busan burned their bridges with multiple missed chances, but Pesin finally found the back of the net in the 23rd minute. However, the unwritten rule of ‘when you have to score a goal, you have to score it unconditionally’ was broken just before the end of the game. Gimcheon, who had finished the game a few minutes earlier, won 1-0 and went to the top of the table.

However, they can’t just shed tears. The dream of promotion to the first division is still alive. The season is not over, and there are still chances. Second-placed Busan will play the first and second rounds of the promotion PO on June 6 and 9 next month against 11th-placed Busan in K League 1.

After joining the second division in 2016, Busan won promotion to the first division after four games in 2019. However, they were relegated back to the second division after one season. Busan will try again for promotion to the first division after three years. Busan’s opponent will be decided on Dec. 2, when the final match of the K League One Final B will take place.

“We need to turn things around quickly,” Park said. We need to watch the last game of the K League 1 and analyze it,” Park said. Goals also need to be scored. “Our defense has been good this season. What we lack is scoring power. You can’t just defend to keep your goals down. Our scoring is better than last year, but we need to keep it up for the rest of the season. It’s going to be an important variable in the promotion PO. We’ll have to find a way through training.” It’s not over until it’s over. This is Busan’s cry.

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