Lee Sang-min, ‘Drinking Power’ Controversy Over Acceptance of Managing Director…”I didn’t know because it was personal information”


Seongnam’s Lee Sang-min, who was dropped from the roster for the Hangzhou Asian Games due to a drunk driving conviction, is now facing controversy after being accepted into the business world.


Seongnam’s Lee Sang-min has beaten a 10-to-1 odds to make it to the final list of applicants for commerce.레모나토토 주소

Lee was fined 5 million won and suspended for 15 games for driving under the influence in 2020.

This comes less than four months after the Korean Football Association staged a skit in which they included Lee in the final roster for the Asian Games and then later excluded him.

Sangmu is a de facto military service benefit that allows players to play without a gap, but the selection of Lee Sang-min, who has a history of drinking, has drawn criticism once again.

Although the procedural verification steps were sufficient, the Armed Forces Athletic Department issued an explanation that drinking history was personal information and could not be identified in advance.

[Shin Kwon-seop / Public Affairs Officer, Armed Forces Athletic Corps: “It says he was fined 500 million won, but that’s personal information, so we can’t know his criminal history.”]

However, in 2017, the company rejected professional basketball player Kim Ji-wan after finding out about his drunk driving.

It’s been a month since Jeju’s Yoo Yoo-soo, who became a paraplegic after being hit by a drunk driver, held a tearful retirement ceremony.

Amid growing social awareness of drunk driving, the Armed Forces Athletic Department said that it would be difficult to reverse Lee’s rejection, and that from now on, it would reflect a history of drinking as a factor in the evaluation.

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