No. 18 MLB Bench Coaches Attracting Attention

There are many different types of coaches in Major League Baseball (MLB). Recently, bench coaches have gotten the most attention.

There are seven MLB teams with head coaching changes this winter. Of those seven, four of them were notable for hiring a former bench coach as their new manager. The Houston Astros hired Joe Espada after Dusty Baker retired, and the Milwaukee Brewers promoted bench coach Matt Murphy to manager after Craig Counsell left for the Chicago Cubs. New York Mets manager Carlos Mendoza was a bench coach for the New York Yankees.레모나토토

And Bob Melvin, who left the San Diego Padres to take the helm of the San Francisco Giants, started his big-league managerial career as a bench coach. Today, 18 of MLB’s 30 managers – more than half – are former bench coaches. It’s almost as if bench coaching is a gateway to becoming a head coach, and the demand for bench coaches is growing.

Bench coaches can be categorized as the manager’s second-in-command and closest confidant. When it comes to making important decisions about the game, the head coach turns to the bench coach. It”s not uncommon for the bench coach to plan the entire training program, including spring training, with the head coach”s approval. They”re also responsible for designing the main tactics of the game. In order to perform their various duties, they need to know the characteristics of each player and the strategies and tactics of the opposing team. The bench coach knows the coach”s intentions and can prepare the next steps in advance. In short, they are the breadwinners.

Another important role of a bench coach is to be a bridge between the manager and the players. Former Yankees manager Billy Martin, who had a fiery personality, utilized Yogi Berra, a “legend” with a great sense of balance, as his bench coach. Bench coaches need to be recognized for their record, strategy, tactics, and relationships. They are often invisible to fans, but it’s almost inevitable that they will be considered for the next managerial position within the organization.

There was a point in time when bench coaches were recognized in MLB. Joe Torre, who managed the Yankees during their glory days (1996-2007), hired Don Zimmer, former manager of the division rival Boston Red Sox, as his bench coach. Zimmer was a constant presence at Torre’s side, and the broadcast cameras often caught the two discussing big decisions.

As their harmony led to the Yankees’ success, other teams followed suit with bench coaches. Alex Cora was recognized for his work as a bench coach in Houston, leading to the Boston managerial position. Joe Medlen, who led the Chicago Cubs to their first World Series (WS) title in 108 years in 2016, was also a bench coach for the Los Angeles Angels. Meden helped the Angels win the WS in 2002 as a bench coach.

The MLB managerial “0” is now a bench coach. Compared to the KBO, the head coach is probably the most similar role. While it’s not unheard of, it’s rare for a head coach in the KBO to go directly to a managerial position. The winds of change are blowing, and it’s worth paying attention to the bench coaches who are quietly building their skills in the background.

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