Bound ball strike?…Voice of the professional baseball field ahead of the introduction of robot referees

Robotic umpires, an automated ball judgment system, will be introduced in professional baseball next year. It will be introduced earlier than in the United States and Japan.굿모닝토토

Reporter Idasom heard from the umpires on the field.

A batter complains about a strike call, and when he finally strikes out, he slams his bat down in anger.

The long-standing controversy over balls in play in professional baseball may go away next year.

The KBO will introduce so-called robotic umpires, called Automated Ball Judgment Systems, or ABS, to the first team stage next season.

Umpires have been preparing to adapt to the new system.

Three cameras in the stadium will track the ball’s trajectory and make a ball call, and the umpire will hear a beep through his earphones and then tell the batter.


The first reaction is that the fastball is no big deal,

“That’s pretty much what I thought it was.”

Rulings on changeups, especially those with large drops, were more controversial.

Jungsoo Heo / Umpire
“I don’t think it’s a problem because it’s a ball that has fallen through your strike zone and is out of bounds.”

While some fans are concerned that robotic umpiring will take away the “humanity” of baseball, umpires are welcoming it.

Heo Woon / KBO Umpire Commissioner
“The umpires are under a lot of stress the day before the game, and the pain is too great, so I hope they can settle down well…”

The KBO also announced the introduction of a pitch clock next year, which will limit pitchers’ pitching time.

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