“10-year National University Catcher” → Shaking “Winning Catcher Position”… He is heading to the “King Kang School” of the U.S., which has produced a batting king

Son Ah-seop (35-NC Dinos) benefited from the Kang Jeong-ho School last year.

To prepare for this season, he traveled to the U.S. to train with Jung-ho Kang, who runs a private classroom.

The intense training was rewarding. In 140 games this season, he batted .333 with a .836 OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage), leading the league in batting average and hits (187).

After finishing second in batting twice (2013, 2020) and third twice (2012, 2014), he finally won the batting title.

He won his sixth Golden Glove. It was his first as a designated hitter. Son won the Golden Glove as an outfielder in 2011, 2014 and 2017.헤라카지노

“I was really desperate this season,” Son said. When you’re young, if you have a bad season, you think it’s just a blip, but now that I’m not so young, if I have a bad season, I feel a sense of crisis, and there’s a lot of talk about an aging curve. I thought, “I’ve got to wake up and show it again this season,” and “I think I prepared with the same hard and desperate heart as my brother (Kang) Jung-ho.

This season, Son Asob is also working with Kang Jung Ho. “The period is a little shorter. There are club events. Since I’m the captain, I can’t miss it, so it’s been delayed. I think I’ll have to work two to three times harder because of the delay. I will go on January 15th and do it until the 30th, and then I will join the Arizona training in the United States.”

This year, he had a companion. “Originally, I was going to go with the three of us, Kim Joo-won and Park Se-hyuk, but (Kim) Joo-won told me a while ago that it would be difficult for him to go due to personal matters. This year, I decided to go alone with (Park) Se-hyuk,” he said.

Park Se-hyuk is also preparing for the new season with more urgency than ever. He signed a four-year, 4.6 billion won contract with NC before the season. The “championship catcher” who led the Doosan Bears to the title in 2019 had a disappointing year this season, batting just 2-for-1 with six home runs in 88 games due to a series of injuries.

In the meantime, junior catcher Kim Hyung-jun gained experience at the Asian Games and the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) and grew into a national catcher. With a steady lead and the ability to hit one out, baseball officials said, “We have a catcher who will protect the national team for the next 10 years.” The postseason catcher’s mask also went to Kim Hyung-jun.

Park Se-hyuk also decided to take the “Son As-seop course” to rebound next season.

Son said, “(Park) Se-hyuk should really try before it’s too late. He said he wanted to learn, so I decided to go with him. Se-hyuk will go to the United States first to train.”

As for the secret of the Kang Jeong-ho School, Son said, “It’s not so much that it’s special as it is that it’s detailed. He explains exactly why I need to train in this way and why I need to have this swing mechanic, so it’s easy to accept. He gives me a direction and a path to go,” he said. “If I’ve been going backwards, he teaches me to go the fast way. That’s helpful.”

Son continued, “Jung-ho also told me that he learned a lot from meeting good pitchers in the United States. He felt that he couldn’t survive in the U.S. if he did what he did in Korea, so he studied a lot, looking for hidden gems, and he told me the theory that suited him the most.” “I’m still not as satisfied as he is,” he explained.

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