‘1 Billion Salary’ Kim Ki-dong, Hong Myung-bo, Petrescu… Competition for the value of K League head coaches is also ‘hot.’

Pohang Steelers head coach Kim Ki-dong, 52, has finally taken the helm of FC Seoul.

The club announced on Thursday that it has appointed Kim Ki-dong as its 15th head coach. The terms of the contract were not disclosed, but it is believed to be for three years and the highest salary in Korea. Seoul, which has been searching for a new coach since August when it parted ways with former coach Ahn Ik-soo and set a clear internal policy of “domestic leader Kim Ki-dong,” has landed a huge project after a steady courtship.랭크카지노

Kim is one of the most successful coaches in the K League. The Pohang legend led the club to a fourth-place finish in K League 1 in his first year at the helm in 2019, followed by two league third-place finishes (2020-2022), an Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League runner-up finish (2021), and this year’s FA Cup win and league second-place finish. It’s an accomplishment made all the more valuable by the fact that he didn’t give up on his dreams.

With such a successful career, it was only natural that Seoul would guarantee Kim the best treatment. In addition, he was actively pursued by Shanghai Haigang and Wuhan Shandong (both in China). According to soccer insiders, Kim signed for around 1.1 billion won, excluding some options such as championship bonuses. In Pohang, it was in the range of 600-700 million won, including options.

“Salary in the 1 billion won range” is a big deal. Obviously, the higher the manager’s salary, the more advantageous it is to establish the right relationship, including control of the squad. A team that treats the head of the squad with respect and empowers them with reasonable respect will not create unnecessary noise. Whenever leadership from the bench falters, there’s usually an incident. This is why English Premier League (EPL) clubs give their managers special treatment that most star players would not envy.

With Kim receiving a ‘billion won salary’, the K League managerial ransom competition has become interesting. Historically, there have been three ‘billion won’ coaches in the K League 1. The incumbents are Hong Myung-bo (54), who signed a three-year contract extension with Ulsan Hyundai in August, his third year in charge, and Dan Petrescu (56-Romania), who took the helm of Jeonbuk Hyundai in June. Hong, who won back-to-back K League 1 titles last year, earned 1 billion won ($3 billion) in annual salary in the shortest period of time for a domestic coach, while Petrescu is said to be worth more than $1 million (about $1.3 billion). The previous coach to cross the 1 billion won mark was Choi Kang-hee, who founded the Jeonbuk Dynasty (now Shandong Taishan). The time has come for K League coaches to be rewarded for the right combination of fame, skill, and experience.

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