“Much earlier than in 2018, next week’s T-batting”… Ohtani will bat at Gocheok Dome in the “Seoul Series” with ‘monster-like resilience!

The Los Angeles Dodgers held a joining ceremony for Shohei Ohtani at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, on the 15th (Korea Standard Time).

Ohtani was the “heroine” of the Major League Stove League this year. In 2021, Ohtani, who was named the American League’s unanimous MVP by creating a “divergence” craze around the world, proved that his performance was not a flash in the following year, and again this year, he bombed the Major League at bat and on the mound, enjoying the joy of winning the MVP award twice for the first time ever.

As Ohtani became a free agent, the Stove League got heated up as he made numerous new history through “Dodge,” and the Stove League heated up. Most teams with financial resources, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Boston Red Sox, and the New York Mets, began to take interest in Ohtani. As time passed, teams that felt burdened by Ohtani’s ransom started to withdraw little by little. As a result, the Dodgers, San Francisco, Toronto, the Chicago Cubs, and the Los Angeles Angels are the final candidates.월카지노

In the process, misinformation came out. While the Dodgers and Toronto were fiercely competing until the very end, MLB Network’s John Morosi reported Ohtani’s trip to Toronto. Ohtani was on a plane to join Toronto. Since then, there has been a situation of chaos, with the news that Ohtani did not put his body on the trip to Toronto. Morosi, who made misinformation that would make history in the Major League, eventually posted an apology. And the final destination was decided to be the Dodgers, not Toronto.

On the 10th, the Dodgers signed a mega 10-year, 700 million-dollar contract with Ohtani, which is unprecedented in the history of professional sports around the world. The reason why the Dodgers was able to give Ohtani a huge contract of 700 million dollars is because of the “Deeper.” Dipper is postponing the payment of annual salary, which Ohtani suggested to the Dodgers first. Ohtani receives only 2 million dollars in annual salary for 10 years as a player. And the remaining 680 million dollars will be paid after the 2034 season.

As Joe Kelly conceded the 17th number, the Dodgers also used the 17th number, and when Ohtani was confirmed to join the Dodgers, the uniforms were simply sold like hot cakes. Specifically, it was not disclosed how many uniforms Ohtani sold, but according to multiple media in the U.S., he beat the record held by Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) to create a “new record” for 48 hours of sales.

The enthusiasm of the reporters was also huge as the public attention was focused on the largest contract among professional sports players in the world. Japan’s “Daily Sports” reported, “About 300 people from the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Latinx media gathered at the press conference. TV cameras drew attention to about 50 units.”

“I am truly happy to be a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers with a clear vision and a rich club history,” Ohtani, who attended the ceremony wearing a blue tie, said after wearing a Dodgers uniform. “All the clubs that negotiated with me were great. In the end, there was only one team that could say yes, and I followed my desire to play for the Dodgers.”

Ohtani also received sharp questions from reporters on the day. It was about “defer” and “opt-out.” It was known that Ohtani’s contract did not include an “opt-out” clause at first, but he included a clause that allows him to exercise the opt-out if President Andrew Friedman and owner Mark Wilter leave the team.

Regarding Dipper, Ohtani explained, “If I could be flexible with the amount I can get now, there was no problem getting it later.” When asked about the opt-out, he said, “It is important for everyone to go in the same direction. The main thing was to sign a contract with President Friedman and owner Wilter, so if they leave, they can also break the contract.”

Ohtani was put on the operating table on Sept. 19 after suffering a ruptured ligament in his right elbow at the end of this season. Hence, he will not be able to see Ohtani on the mound in 2024. However, Ohtani is currently rehabilitating with the goal of coming to bat in the opening game in 2023. He has been nicknamed a “monster” since then, but he is still like a monster even when recovering. Three months after he underwent elbow surgery, he is already starting batting training.

Ohtani said, “The batting team has already begun to build up their bodies. I am going through rehabilitation as scheduled. Rather, I think I will be able to make it to the opening game if I prepare properly at spring camp.” Ohtani’s agent Nez Valero said, “Ohtani is moving his body and doing weight training. He is much faster than when he underwent Tommy John surgery in 2018,” adding, “I will probably start T-batting next week.”

As early as next week, Ohtani will catch the bat, and he will be able to see Ohtani wearing a Dodgers uniform in the Seoul Series. The Seoul Series, where the Dodgers and San Diego Padres will face off, will be held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul from March 20-21, 2024. Therefore, it will be possible to see “Awesome Kim” Kim Ha-sung compete with Ohtani at the plate.

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