“Leaving Liverpool, I think it’s a good thing!”….without mentioning salary…

]] Fabinho, who enjoyed the golden age of Liverpool in the English Premier League (EPL), expressed great satisfaction with his life in Saudi Arabia.

Fabinho moved from AS Monaco to Liverpool in 2018, and he was a member of Liverpool’s golden age. He played 219 games for a total of five seasons through 2023. He also won the UEFA Champions League, including the EPL title, Liverpool’s long-cherished dream. He also won the FA Cup and the League Cup.

He moved to Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah R-Etihad in August. It was one of the shocking transfers. He played a key role in Saudi Arabia’s oil money craze. Fabinho has played 13 league games and a total of 19 games since moving to R-Etihad this season.랭크카지노

Fabinho told Sky Sports in the U.K. “I’m very happy to move to Saudi Arabia. I’m really enjoying my time here. I’m from Europe, and I have a sense of responsibility by competing and teaching with young players here.”

“I’m really enjoying the city of Jeddah. Jeddah is a really good city. There are many things different than when I was in England, Liverpool, or other clubs. Some things we try to change, some things we try to stay the same. I’m trying to adapt to that. Overall, I’m enjoying life here,” he said with satisfaction.

There was no mention of annual salary. This is the most important part for most players who chose Saudi Arabia. 

Fabinho is known to be paid 25 million pounds (41.4 billion won) per year at RT Hard. He was listed in the top 10 annual salary for Saudi Arabian players. He is paid twice as much as he was paid at Liverpool. Such an increase in annual salary must have affected his joy in life.

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