“There is little difference in skills from when I joined the team.” KIA’s special finish, which was scolded by manager Ryu Joong-il, should we see the effect of the driving line

Will KIA Tigers’ special firefighter Jung Hae-young, who was scolded by national baseball team coach Ryu Joong-il, see the drive line effect.

The 2023 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) national team, led by head coach Ryu Joong-il, finished in second place, but revealed the future of Korean baseball by playing equal matches in two matches against Japan.헤라카지노

However, Ryu shook his head at the criticism that the Korean baseball has narrowed the gap with Japan. “When Japanese players similar in body shape to ours threw 145 kilometers, it looked more than that,” Ryu said. “I was wondering why Japanese pitchers have good tips and we don’t.”

Ryu Joong-il cited flexibility training as a priority for Korean pitchers to catch up with Japanese pitchers. “Arresting is not strength but flexibility. In Japan, there is a weight training method that strengthens the rotational muscles of the pelvis and shoulders. It creates flexibility by moving a lot around the hip joint. I hope young players will train with their eyes open,” Ryu said.

Notably, he criticized Jung’s slow growth for the first time in two years. Jung had 34 saves in 2021 and 32 saves in 2022, making 30 saves for the first time in a row for the Tigers. This is a milestone that even former national treasure-level pitcher Sun Dong-ryeol and “Invincible Chang Yong” Lim Chang-yong failed to achieve. He also ranked seventh in this category with 23 saves this season. However, Ryu Joong-il was still full of regret.

“When I look at Chung, there is little difference in his skills from when he first joined the team. I scolded him for the same reason as when he joined the team,” coach Ryu Joong-il said. “In the end, it is a difference of opinion. I don’t feel the importance of such training. I feel like I’m just throwing my arms, but in that case, I can’t throw 150 kilometers consistently.”

[OSEN = Gwangju, Reporter Kim Sung-rak] The game between the KIA Tigers and the Doosan Bears in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League was held at KIA Champions Field in Buk-gu, Gwangju on the 8th. In the top of the eighth inning, KIA pitcher Jung Hae-young applauds second baseman Kim Kyu-sung, who caught Doosan’s Huh Kyung-min’s ball with a line drive. 2023.04.08 /ksl0919@osen.co.kr

KIA will send five pitchers including Jung Hae-young, Lee Eui-ri, Yoon Young-chul, Hwang Dong-ha, and Kwak Do-gyu, pitcher coach Jung Jae-hoon, and bullpen coach Lee Dong-geol to the Drive Line Baseball Center in Seattle, the U.S., to develop their skills, including increasing the speed and improving the pitch of pitchers.

They will carry out a total of 33 nights and 34 days from the 18th to January 20th next year. Based on the results of the first day’s biomechanic motion capture and physical measurement, a customized training program will be designed to fill in the shortcomings of each player, and the schedule will proceed according to the program in the future.

The two pitching coaches and power planning team data analysts who will be dispatched to the U.S. will incorporate the data into spring camps and domestic training from various angles.

“We decided to dispatch the team to maximize players’ potential through customized training programs. Furthermore, we expect the coaching staff to acquire advanced training systems and apply them to actual training programs,” said Kia’s general manager Shim Jae-hak.

He added, “With this dispatch, we will provide more players with a wide range of opportunities to experience advanced baseball in the future to improve their team power.”

Will Chung Hae-young, who was criticized for slowing down his growth, be able to see the effect of his drive line? If so, Kia’s mound will likely become even stronger.

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