For the second consecutive year, replacement temporary foreign workers failed to convert to a one-year contract… Will KIA get a right-hander power feature lottery

He accompanied KIA Tigers and Thomas Panoni for two consecutive years. Panoni, who wore Kia uniform as an alternative temporary foreign pitcher for two consecutive years, returned to the U.S. through a split contract with the Chicago Cubs of the Major League Baseball.

According to U.S. local reporter John Hayman on Dec. 19, Panoni signed an invitation split contract worth 800,000 U.S. dollars with the Chicago Cubs. After completing the spring camp, Panoni can earn 800,000 dollars per year if he becomes a call-up player in the Major League.

Kia has included Socrates Brito, an existing foreign hitter, and Thomas Panoni, a foreign pitcher, on its list of players on hold for the 2024 season. Mario Sanchez, who was acquired from the Taiwanese league during the middle of the season, was excluded from the list.

Kia is basically looking for a foreign player market based on replacement of both foreign pitchers. After the Major League’s winter meeting, which took place in the first week of December, Kia selected specific candidates and submitted a contract proposal. Renewing the contract with Panoni was not the top priority at this point. Of course, Kia was open to the possibility of renewing the contract with Panoni depending on the outcome of its contract with foreign pitchers in the future.헤라카지노

News of Socrates’ renewal of his contract came out first. KIA officially announced its renewal of its contract with Socrates on Dec. 18 for a total of 1.2 million U.S. dollars (down payment of 300,000 dollars, annual salary of 500,000 dollars, option of 400,000 dollars).

After taking a breather by renewing his contract with Socrates, Kia is expected to go all-in on recruiting foreign pitchers. Of course, replacing both foreign pitchers is not an easy task. Chances are high that the game will be a long-term game that will continue from the end of the year to the New Year. Kia, which put Fannoni on the list, plans to move cautiously until it joins hands with top-rated players who want to be on the list.

In the process, Panoni eventually chose to return to the U.S. stage. In fact, he seems to have accepted the Chicago Cubs’ offer under the judgment that it is not easy to renew the contract with KIA.

In 14 games (82.2 innings) in the 2022 season, Panoni had three wins and four losses with 2.72 73 strikeouts and 24 walks with an ERA of 6 wins and three losses with 4.26 66 strikeouts and 23 walks in 16 games (82.1 innings) in the 2023 season. In both seasons, he recorded this performance while wearing KIA uniforms during the middle of the KBO League season. As a result, he seems to have failed to overcome the limits of his ball speed.

Kia plans to focus on finding two new foreign pitchers without significant damage as it recently postponed renewing contract with Fannie. The most important direction for Kia is to find right-handed power to support Korean left-handed starters Yang Hyun-jong, Lee Eui-ri and Yoon Young-chul.

Of course, it is practically difficult to find a starting foreign player with all the perfect skills in the current foreign market. Even if certain factors such as durability, speed, ball control, and variety of pitches are not sufficient, the team will be forced to scramble for the lottery if it shows any qualifications that would work for the KBO league. It is hard to predict which pitchers’ resources will spring up to the market all of a sudden. Against this backdrop, Kia is closely monitoring its radar system. Attention is focusing on whether Kia, which broke up with Panoni, will be able to establish a satisfactory one-two punch for starting foreign players.

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