I started the season ambitiously… Koo Chang-mo enlisted amid regret over “an injury again.”

It was an ambitious start to the season, but the end was disappointing again. Koo Chang-mo (26, NC Dinos), whose clock has been temporarily stopped, has come to promise a year and a half later.

Koo joined the training center on June 18. After completing his training, he will serve in the military as a member of the South Korean military sports unit (Sangmu).헤라카지노

Although it was scheduled to join the military, Koo Chang-mo has no choice but to regret that he couldn’t.

Koo has been prominent in the first team since 2019, his fourth year since joining the team. Since then, he has won nine games with an ERA of 1.74 in 2020, and recorded 11 wins, five losses with an ERA of 2.10 in 2022, when he returned from a year off due to injury.

Although both 2020 and 2022 had injury periods, they showed overwhelming performance when playing games. That’s why the term “healthy Koo Chang-mo” began to come out.

Then, NC Dinos gave him a big contract ahead of this season. It was a “jackpot” worth up to 13.2 billion won (10.2 million U.S. dollars) per 6+1 year under a multi-year contract as a non-FA. As Koo Chang-mo, he has the condition to concentrate on exercising without any burden.

He was also featured in the World Baseball Classic national team just before the season. Expectations were high on him as a pitcher who would succeed Kim Kwang-hyun and Yang Hyun-jong in the team’s left-hander lineage.

Koo Chang-mo, who participated in the WBC as a national team member. /News1DB ⓒNews1 Reporter Kim Jin-hwan

Koo Chang-mo’s performance in WBC was below expectations, but not only Koo Chang-mo but also other pitchers were sluggish together, so it was not very disappointing.

And in the season that began, Koo suffered some ups and downs at the beginning of the season, but he regained stability. As if he were not sick, he was on a roll until May, proving that he was the top starting pitcher in the league.

However, he was hampered again by the assumption that “if it doesn’t hurt.” He felt arm pain again. He returned from the LG Twins game on June 2, but went down after throwing five pitches, and Koo disappeared from the first division again.

Still, he breathed a sigh as he made the final roster of the Asian Games national team. As some said he could recover in about a month, there was no reason for the national team not to pick Koo Chang-mo, a certain starting pitcher, as a wild card.

However, his return to the mound was delayed gradually. He failed to return in July or August, raising concerns. He returned only in September, but he was fit enough to play as a bullpen pitcher, and the team eventually decided to replace Koo.

Still, it could have been a big help to NC, which was in the midst of a ranking fight at the end of the regular season, but it couldn’t hold out. Koo Chang-mo left the mound again on September 27 against the KIA Tigers, complaining of arm pain, and finished the season that way, being diagnosed with an ulnar fracture in his left arm.

He was Koo Chang-mo, who drew the “best scenario” to be selected for the Asian Games national team and receive military service benefits, but failed to achieve his goal. In addition, the aftertaste was even more bitter as the worst situation of ending the season early due to injury was repeated again.

Koo Chang-mo, who is taking a break for a while, will return only in June 2025. It is highly likely that the managing director will only focus on rehabilitation for a while.

Still, the expectations for Koo Chang-mo, who will return, will be similar to now. He has the skills he has already shown, and his responsibility as a high-paid person follows.

In the end, it is up to Koo Chang-mo to remove the label “if it doesn’t hurt.”

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