Tottenham scored one goal in three years… at one point ‘SON backup’, competing with Ronaldo as the top scorer in Saudi → just two goals apart

Sports Kida, a sports media outlet, reported on the 20th (Korea time), “The Saudi Arabian professional league’s competition for the top scorer is heating up. Al-Nasr’s Ronaldo is currently leading the scoring with 16 goals in the league. Al-Hilal’s Alexander Mitrovic is also behind with 15 goals.”

“There is a surprise contender for the top scorer right underneath the two players. It is Nkudu who played for Tottenham Hotspur. The 28-year-old has played for Tottenham for three seasons but has scored only one goal in 27 total games. However, he has scored 14 goals so far since joining Saudi Arabia’s Damark this summer. It is a two-goal gap with Ronaldo,” the media said.랭크카지노

Nkudu is a Cameroonian-French winger born in 1995. He played for Nantes and Marseille before joining Tottenham ahead of the 2016-17 season. At that time, Tottenham had Son Heung-min and Eric Lamela. However, as Son Heung-min showed disappointing performance in the previous season and Clinton Eun Ji failed to show much impact, Nkudu emerged as a strong competitor.

In fact, Nkudu’s main position was also as a left winger. However, things changed when the season started. Son Heung-min, who had finished adapting to the England stage, showed outstanding performances, and Nkudu was rarely given a chance. He only played eight league games in the 2016-17 season.

Afterwards, he moved to Besiktas in 2019 after playing for Burnley and AS Monaco (loaned). He had been with Tottenham for three years, but he actually spent a lot of time away from loan, and ended up with just one goal in 27 games in total. Nkudu played for Besiktas for four seasons and scored 21 goals in 108 games. He also took on the challenge of playing in Saudi Arabia this season.

So far, it has been very successful. Nkudu is currently ranked third in scoring in the league with 14 goals. Thanks to Nkudu’s performance, D’Amark is in sixth place. D’Amark, who was ranked eighth last season with nine wins from 30 league games, has already accumulated seven wins from 17 games.

Halfway through the season, Nkudu is also fueling the race to become the top scorer. However, competitors are not easy. Ronaldo is considered one of the best strikers in the world, and Mitrovic is also a player who has shown off his scoring ability in the England stage.

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