“He’s silent and has a lot of affection for the team.” 2+1 more years with Jang Min-jae! I’m looking forward to Kim Seo-hyun and Hwang Jun-seo’s role as nourishment

A career-high 34 wins, 53 losses, and four-hold ERA (ERA) 5.19.

Although he is a veteran right-handed pitcher who is nothing special in terms of performance, the Hanwha Eagles chose to accompany Jang Min-jae (33), a “one club man,” for three more years.

Hanwha Eagles announced on Monday that they signed a contract with pitcher Jang Min-jae, a free agent (FA), for a total of 800 million won for two plus one year. The contract includes a two-year guarantee of 400 million won, an option of 100 million won, an annual salary of 200 million won for the next one year and an option of 100 million won.

Jang Min-jae, who joined the Hanwha Eagles as the 22nd overall pick in the second and third rounds in 2009, only walked one path. He frequently exchanged between starters and middle pitchers and played roles that the team needed.

Jang Min-jae, who also played as a starter in the first half of this season, moved to the bullpen in the second half and played where the team needed him. In terms of his performance, he can be seen as a poor performance with three wins, eight losses and one hold ERA of 4.83 in 25 games, but he helped greatly by playing 69 innings.헤라카지노

Hanwha pitcher Jang Min-jae.
However, the contract was delayed than expected. He had 2.895.38 billion won (2.63 million dollars) to spare in salary cap, which was implemented for the first time this season, but moved quickly to recruit An Chi-hong (a total of 7.2 billion won for 4+2 years), and continued negotiations with Jang afterwards, but failed to reach a compromise easily.

One month after the FA market opened, Jang Min-jae finally reached an agreement with Hanwha. After signing the contract, he said through his club, “I’m happy to be with the Hanwha Eagles next season,” adding, “I’m grateful to be able to stand in front of our fans who always give me their support.”

He was also clearly a necessary player for Hanwha. “Jang Min-jae is always a player who does his job silently,” said Sohn Hyuk, who contacted Star News after signing the contract. “He never complains and shows a lot of affection for the team.”

Hanwha has many promising pitchers including Moon Dong-ju, who swept the rookie award this season, Kim Seo-hyun and Hwang Jun-seo. Jang Min-jae, the exemplary one-club man, is bound to be a model for them.

Jang Min-jae’s trademark sincerity and serious attitude toward baseball were indispensable reasons why Hanwha decided to accompany him once again.

Rookie pitcher Kim Seo-hyun, who suffered ups and downs this season.
Jang Min-jae also said, “There are many young and possible juniors in our team, and I will do my part as a veteran who is an example for those juniors.”

Still, he has many more roles to play. “Although there are many young prospects in his team, Jang Min-jae is a pitcher with quite good ball control,” Sohn said. “We don’t know what will happen to starting depth as well, so we need to continue to strengthen him. The fact that there are many prospects is because there are many variables.”

Jang Min-jae also vowed to commit to the team through the club, saying, “I will take the mound with the intention of becoming a player who can help the team at any time in the situation where it is needed.”

It strengthened its power through FA and 2nd drafts, and also completed recruitment of 2 foreign players. Now, Ryu Hyun-jin and foreign pitcher who have yet to be confirmed have only one seat left.

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