“If you get a KBO offer… Make sure you get a chance.” 196cm left-hander meets dinosaurs… 0 ML win? It’s not a failure

Realistically, it is difficult for the NC Dinos to fill the void left by Eric Peddy (aged 30, Chicago White Sox). The one-two punch chosen by the NC Dinosaurs is Daniel Castano and Kyle Hart. The 196-centimeter tall heart (total of 900,000 dollars) received 50,000 dollars more than Castano (total of 850,000 dollars).

Hart was born in 1992 and is a 196-cm left-hander. He was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 2016 and made his major league debut in the 2020 season. However, he did not get another chance with one loss and a 15.55 ERA in four games. He had four wins, six losses and a 4.53 ERA in 19 Triple-A games this season.월카지노

He mainly played in Triple-A from the 2019 season, but this season was not very good either. He had a hit rate of 0.284 and a WHIP of 1.48. I thought there would be a benefit from RBI since he is tall, but I can tell that he couldn’t save it. NC needs to make some breakthrough.

In fact, Pedi also came to the KBO League and clearly prepared for the sweeper and hit the jackpot. A stellar career in the Major League does not guarantee his performance in the KBO League. NC’s guarantee of $50,000 more to Hart than Castano should be considered to have a relatively greater chance of success.

Hearts posted on NC’s official YouTube channel on Monday, “I worked as a professional baseball player for eight years in the U.S. I didn’t know much about KBO and NC, but I asked a lot of my colleagues. I’m honored to play baseball in NC. I told him to take a chance if he gets an offer. He told me a lot of good things.”

He has a strong pitching philosophy. “My goal is to catch as many strikes as a starting pitcher. Even if I get a hit, I try to pitch aggressively. If I give up four balls or if I lose control of my ball, it becomes a difficult game, so I tend to compete with the batter,” Hart said.

In addition, Hart said, “My strength is that I can shake batters with many different pitches. I am not a fast bowler, but I can compete with various pitches and control. My goal for the 2024 season is for NC to advance to the Korean Series. I want to enjoy the honor of winning the 2020 championship again. I want to learn Korean culture on and off the baseball field with my family, and I want to get to know my teammates quickly and learn a lot. I want to get as much information as possible and become a player who can win every time I take the mound.”

In particular, we look forward to the KBO cheering culture. Unlike the U.S. ballpark, which quietly applauds individually, the KBO League provides group cheering under the leadership of cheering squad leaders and cheerleaders. Individuals have their own cheering songs. Hearts also want to feel the thrill.

Hearts said, “I’m excited to go to the KBO because the baseball stadium is hotter than any other league. I’m really looking forward to it. I want to learn Korean culture through my fans who support NC. It’s a great honor to meet such fans.” If Hearts plays baseball well in NC, it will be even more impressive.

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