Coincidence… “Machado → Goodrum → Reyes,” the relationship between Lotte and Machado

The Lotte Giants, who are in desperate need of a healthy foreign hitter, have recruited outfielder Victor Reyes (29) as a foreign hitter to join them in the 2024 season. Reyes is a switch hitter with a sturdy physique of 196 centimeters tall and 87 kilograms, and showed off his slugging power by recording 20 home runs in Triple-A under the Chicago White Sox last year. Lotte scored Reyes as a player who would make up for the team’s lack of slugging power, and awarded him a total of $950,000 in contracts, including 700,000 guaranteed amount and 250,000 incentives.월카지노

Reyes had a batting average of 0.264 with 321 hits, 16 homers and 107 RBIs in 394 games in the Major League, while Reyes had a batting average of 0.29884 with 46 homers and 413 RBIs in 796 games in the Minor League. However, there is something to pay attention to. He played for a minor league team under Detroit from 2018 to 2022.

Recently, Lotte’s foreign hitters are mostly from the Detroit minor leagues. Machado (2015-2018) and Goodrum (2018-2021) are all like that. When Lotte announced the contract with Reyes, Machado remembered by posting a picture of the three players together in Detroit in 2018 on his SNS. 

Machado wore the Lotte uniform through the 2021 season. He was loved by many Lotte fans as a foreign shortstop with good defense, but his slugging capability was a problem. Without Son Ah-seop and Min Byung-hun, Lotte needed an outfielder with strong offense and eventually did not renew contract with Machado. Machado once expressed his love for Lotte, expressing his intention to naturalize himself, but he had to leave forlornly. Three years have passed since then. Still, Machado still communicates with fans by recalling good memories of Lotte. He also traveled Korea with his family last month.

Meanwhile, Lotte completed the formation of foreign players for the 2024 season. It signed Wilkerson, who posted a 7-2 record with a 2.26 ERA in 13 games this season, for $950,000 and caught Barnes, who posted a 23-22 record with a 3.46 ERA in 61 games over the past two seasons, for $1.35 million. It then hired a new foreign hitter, Reyes, for $950,000. It renewed contracts with two proven starting pitchers and hired a batter to serve as a centerpiece of the team’s lineup.

The team also plans to display the “NEW Lotte Giants” baseball with Kim Tae-hyung, the new coach. “Our goal is to win the championship unconditionally,” Kim said at the inauguration ceremony. “My first goal is the postseason, and I will aim for the championship after that,” he said, proudly declaring Lotte’s victory. 

Having failed to win a championship for 31 years, Lotte is the longest team that has failed to win a championship among the 10 Korean pro baseball teams. The 1992 Korean Series was the last Korean team to win the championship. Lotte fans, who have seen LG win the Korean Series for the first time in 29 years, dream of winning the title with manager Kim Tae-hyung and a new foreign hitter.

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