“Verdugo is XXX, if it’s me, Binball.” Rumors of discord with the former coach → Removed and praised the new coach… Boston Flame Man is angry

Alex Verdugo, who was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees, became the talk of the town with controversial remarks. His words, which he said he expected the leadership of the new Yankees manager Aaron Boone, were interpreted as degrading Boston manager Alex Cora, who had been cool to Verdugo. Upon hearing this, Jonathan Papelbourne, the Boston Legend fireman, did not hide his personality.

Verdugo was traded to the Yankees on June 6. The Boston Red Sox replaced Verdugo with pitchers Richard Fitz, Greg Weister, and Nicholas Judith. The two most well-known bitter rivals in the Major League rarely traded. ESPN reporter Jeff Bankruptcy said this was his eighth trade since 1969. MLB.com was surprised by saying, “This is the biggest decision since the Mookie Betts trade.”

Boston deployed Verdugo ahead of the FA and reinforced its pitchers. On the other hand, it also meant removing the seeds of discord within the team. Verdugo was replaced with reprimand in June this year due to his lackluster base play, and was excluded from the starting lineup due to his tardiness in August. Some also revealed that Verdugo’s tardiness was habitual. Some pointed out that Verdugo should have been traded sooner.랭크카지노

▲ Alex Verdugo.

“I respect the coach’s decision,” Verdugo said at the time of controversy over his tardiness. “I had a hard time watching the game on the bench.” I didn’t want to see him stand up to Cora. However, comments that he made at a press conference after the Yankees’ transfer became problematic. I didn’t directly blame Cora for his leadership, but it felt as if Cora didn’t do that when explaining his impression of Boone.

Here’s what Verdugo said.

“I’m very happy to be with Boone. I saw the coach protect the players behind me. The most memorable scene was me shouting at the referee and protecting the players. I expect that from the coach. I want to see a coach fight for the players. Instead of pressing, I want to push him.”

“I’m looking forward to a new start. I want to change the atmosphere. I just want to go out and have fun and run hard.”

▲ Director Alex Cora and Alex Verdugo before rumors of discord.

These are ordinary words that seem to have high expectations for a new coach, but it feels different when the context of the former team is added. Therefore, this comment can be interpreted as a depreciation for Kora. That’s what Papelbourne thought.

Papelbourne, who was a fastball pitcher when he was an active player and had a fiery personality to the point where he struggled in the dugout with rising star Bryce Harper during the Washington Nationals, did not put up with it again this time.

“Burdugo is trash. Cora protected his players more than anyone else. Verdugo, you’re just a slob. If I was playing under Cora, I would have thrown you a bean ball,” Papelbourne said.

Meanwhile, Verdugo confessed in a press conference that his move to the rival Yankees was not accepted at first. “At first, I was angry. I thought he was really sending me to the rival Yankees. Then, about a day later, I looked back on what had happened in Boston this year. Then, I started shaving. I wanted to feel like a Yankees player. I work out with a Yankees cap on every day. I wanted to see if they looked good on me,” he said.

He also made remarks that seemed to be conscious of this year’s controversy over Tae-up. Verdugo said, “I want to prove that a lot of what others say is not true. Everyone makes mistakes. And we learn and recover from them. I’m looking forward to this new beginning now.”

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