3 Major Baseball Stars, MLL Western District Collectively

Three major Asian baseball stars (Shohei Otani, Ha-sung Kim, and Lee Jung-hoo) imagined their performances in the Major League (ML) in their heads and imagined three pleasant things.

Imagination #1. “We will see this match again with (local caster comment). Los Angeles Dodgers starter Ohtani and San Francisco Giants’ Lee Jung-hoo will face off in the top of the first inning. Let’s see if Lee Jung-hoo wins a game between Ohtani. The Korean Peninsula and the Japanese archipelago seem to be inextricably linked.”월카지노

Imagination #2. As a result of the Korean Big League showdown, San Diego Padres Kim Ha-sung went 3 for 3 with 2 points and 1 walk vs. San Francisco Giants Lee Jung-hoo went 3 for 4 with 2 RBIs. Today is Western League Korea Day.

Imagination #3. With the score tied 2 to 2 in the bottom of the seventh inning, Kim Ha-sung hit Ohtani’s main weapon sweeper to create a timely finishing hit. A man worth 700 million dollars (Ohtani’s ransom) got a shot from a Korean big leaguer.

◆ ML NL West ‘Hot’, 3 players’ ransom alone exceeds KRW 1 trillion

Korea and Japan must focus on next season’s Major League (MLB) Western Division games. Three Asian baseball giants (Shohei Otani, Kim Ha-sung and Lee Jung-hoo) have gathered in one of the six major league districts (National and American). It is expected that the three teams will face off more often.

The three men’s ransom alone exceeds KRW 1 trillion. This season’s ML MVP Ohtani signed a 10-year, $700 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Lee Jung-hoo also signed a six-year, $113 million contract with the San Francisco Giants. The two men’s ransom alone has easily exceeded KRW 1 trillion. Kim Ha-sung’s annual salary for next season alone is 36.4 billion won.

The three of them will take turns and have a showdown. Korea-Japan confrontation is expected to be much more dynamic and exciting than the time when Korean baseball star Park Chan-ho and Japanese baseball hero Hideo Nomo played for the Tornado (referring to the gust of pitching form soaring into the sky) 20 years ago.

◆ ‘Fireworks Battle’ NL West, what teams are there?

Traditional powerhouses are clustered in the NL West. Notably, next year’s season will see a fiery competition between the championship contenders within the league. The traditional powerhouses are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. The two teams are destined to stage an irreparable battle for the district championship before advancing to the ML World Series this year. The team’s atmosphere will be greatly affected by Ohtani and Lee Jung-hoo’s performances that they recruited to win the title in next season.

In the Western District, there is the Arizona Diamondbacks, an emerging powerhouse that has already advanced to the World Series this season and lost to the Texas Rangers. Good results are expected next season, riding on solid teamwork and rising team atmosphere. In addition, the San Diego Padres, where Kim Ha-sung plays, is also not easy. As a team with both pitching and hitting balance, it is looking to advance to the playoffs at least next season. In fact, attention is focusing on how much the Colorado Rockets, who are considered the weakest in this situation, will win in the “Death Zone.”

◆ Can I hit ML .300 out of the three?

In the KBO, a .300 hitter is not that big of a deal. More than 10 hitters are cast every year, and there are also a number of hitters in the mid-30s. However, the .300 hitter in the ML is unique in terms of scarcity. He deserves to be called the “God of batting” or the “Hitting Genius” (nickname of Lee Jung-hoo). Only five NL players and four AL players are cast in the ML this season, too. In the ML, where fastball pitchers are lined up, players in the mid to late 20 percent range are deployed in the clean-up trio (No. 3, 4, and 5 hitters).

Ohtani, a “man with 700 million dollars,” had 10 wins and five losses (average earned run of 3.14) as a pitcher this season, but he stood out even more in the batter’s box. He is one of nine batters he hit .304, 44 homers, 95 RBIs and 1.066 on-base plus slugging (OPS). Kim Ha-sung, who won the Gold Glove Award (utility category) for his outstanding defense this season, received a batting average of 0.260, 17 homers, 60 RBIs, 38 steals, and an OPS of 0.749.

Lee Jung-hoo ranks first in overall batting average (0.339) in the history of the KBO. However, baseball fans around the world are paying attention to whether Lee Jung-hoo will be able to hit .300 (ML) or not. Even if he is not a .300 (ML) hitter, he will be a good report card to win the ML Rookie of the Year award.

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