“(Kim) Hye-sung is young, but he did a good job as a leader.” Kim Tae-kyun admires… The KBO’s strongest infielder dreaming of ML, and leadership is also the best.”

Kim Hye-sung (24) is most likely to be the fifth major leaguer among the Kiwoom Heroes in history, following Kang Jung-ho (36, individual coach), Park Byung-ho (37, KT Wiz), Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres), and Lee Jung-hoo (25, San Francisco Giants). Unless something unexpected happens, Kim Hye-sung is expected to try to advance to the Major League in the 2024-2025 off-season, when he is eligible to bid for posting.

It is no longer news that Major League officials have been checking Kim Hye-sung and Ahn Woo-jin (24) early on. In the case of Kim Hye-sung, some say that he may have more uses in the Major League than his friend Lee Jung-hoo. There are some things to prove at Kiwoom in the 2024 season, but there are many elements of hope at this point. It is also encouraging for Kim that the Major League is definitely active in collecting Asian prospects recently.헤라카지노

Kim Hye-sung’s value is also confirmed off the ground. Kim Hye-sung is in his early 20s and has already served as captain of Kiwoom in the 2021 season. He wore the captain’s armband during the season, but he was praised for leading the team well. He did not captain the team again afterwards, but he captained the team twice this year.

National baseball team coach Ryu Joong-il said, “We have Kim Hye-sung as captain at both the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Asian Professional Baseball Championship. Korea was disappointed by its loss in the first round at the WBC in March, but won the gold medal and the runner-up prize at the Asian Games and the Asian Professional Baseball Championship, respectively, building its pride. Captain Kim Hye-sung gained momentum during the process while setting the mood of the team well.

National team’s fourth batter Noh Si-hwan (23, Hanwha Eagles) appeared on KBS N Sports commentator Kim Tae-kyun’s YouTube channel [TK52] on Tuesday and shared an anecdote about Kim Hye-sung. “If we lose our first game against Taiwan and then beat China, Japan and Taiwan for three consecutive times, we will have the magic number three. We won one game each and went to the final,” Noh said, looking back on the Asian Games.

Noh Si-hwan and other members of the national team said later that no player thought that he would not win the gold medal after losing his first match against Taiwan. However, he must have felt pressured. Noh also confessed that he felt pressured from the moment he entered Hangzhou wearing the national flag.

It seems that Kim Hye-sung, the captain of the team, played a role well. After losing the match against Taiwan, Kim also praised his juniors’ attitude, saying, “My mindset is different from that of not losing a single game.” Then, Noh Si-hwan shared a decisive anecdote.

“Hye-sung led the team well.” One day, he sent a long message in the group chat room after the game, “Well done. It’s not over until the end, so let’s focus on one game at a time. We have three more games left. We only need to win China, Japan and Taiwan.”

When they saw Kim’s message, they got discouraged and ran to the gold medal. Kim Tae-kyun, who was listening to Noh, also said, “Hye-sung is the captain. You were a good leader when you were young.” He nodded in admiration.

Both Kiwoom and the national team know Kim Hye-sung’s leadership. Wouldn’t Major League people know this? Major League officials, who have watched Lee Jung-hoo for years, also reportedly checked Lee Jung-hoo’s unique leadership and wit. In other words, they don’t just watch the ground when they take a single player.

Kim Hye-sung’s leadership is also a valuable asset and advantage of Kim Hye-sung. Wouldn’t Major League Baseball be viewed well? Major League Baseball is essentially the same baseball. Team chemistry is very important in baseball. Kim Hye-sung has proven his ability to lead team chemistry.

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