Cho Sang-woo said, “Merry Christmas Kiwoom fans, I’m reporting you to be discharged from the military!”

Cho Sang-woo (29), a former member of the Korean national team who finished his career as a social worker for one year and nine months, was discharged from the military on the 23rd.

Cho Sang-woo, who responded to an interview with Sports Seoul on the 24th, the day after his discharge, thanked the Kiwoom Heroes fans for supporting and waiting for him first. “I feel relieved that I’ve cleared out one of my homework,” said Cho Sang-woo, who smiled broadly, “I’m grateful to the fans who cheered and waited for me throughout my military life.”월카지노

The reporter saw Cho in person recently, but he lost a lot of weight. “It’s a secret how much I lost,” Cho said with a smile. “I lost enough to say that I lost a lot of weight. I used to think about losing weight, and I maintained muscle mass but only lost body fat. That’s why I feel better.”

He has been doing high-intensity training every day while working as a social service worker. Cho Sang-woo said, “I worked out hard towards the center, which helps me build my body well after work. I think I worked out for about four hours a day. After working out, I fell asleep right away and went to work the next morning.”

He said he tried many things without burden while serving in the military. “Because it was hard to do high-intensity training during the season, I did a lot of high-intensity training during the service. I also practiced a new breaking ball by throwing a lot of balls. I will reveal what breaking ball it is next season,” Cho said, raising expectations for the new season.

Cho Sang-woo is one of the closing pitchers of the Korean national baseball team with 82 saves in total. Based on such performances, Cho participated as a member of the national baseball team at the 32nd Tokyo Olympics in 2019 WBSC Premier 12. In particular, his fastballs, which exceed the mid-to-late 150 kilometers per hour, are his powerful weapons. “I haven’t measured my speed yet. However, because I am in good physical condition, the ball speed that came out during the season will have been maintained,” Cho said.

Recently, more and more junior pitchers such as Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha) and Cho Sang-woo’s juniors Ahn Woo-jin and Jang Jae-young have freely thrown balls over 150 kilometers per hour. “There are a lot of good pitchers. I thought that Korea will now have as many players throwing balls as overseas players,” Cho said, expressing his pride as a senior.

This season, Kiwoom finished the season at the bottom (10th) by ranking ninth in the bullpen ERA (4.94). This is why there are high expectations for Cho Sang-woo’s return. “I have a lot of young players, so I’m determined to cheer up together and repay my fans with better performances next season,” Cho said. “I have more responsibility than pressure. There are more young players in the team while serving, and I think it’s important to get close quickly. We will have a lot of conversations and work together to rebound.”

Kiwoom finished the season in second place by advancing to the Korean Series last year. However, it ranked 10th and last this year. Cho Sang-woo watched it on TV from a distance. “I’m sure there will be a lot of regrets. Still, the mood of our team has always been good. There will be a lot of motivation to improve. We will not be in a doldrums just like that,” he said. “We will try to repay our fans with better performances next year.”

When Cho Sang-woo was flying around, especially when he took the title in this category with 33 saves in the 2020 season, it was the COVID-19 pandemic. There were many days when the game was played without spectators. However, the 2024 season is different when Cho returns. He throws the ball at Gocheok Dome, which is full of spectators as in previous years.

Cho Sang-woo said, “I’m so excited. The players are excited when there are a lot of spectators. It was a shame that there were restrictions on spectators during COVID-19, but I can’t wait to feel the heat from the fans and throw the ball on the mound.” Cho Sang-woo said with a smile, “I don’t think I’ll be nervous even when I come back because I don’t get nervous.” “But I’ll be nervous and feel really good if the fans welcome me back.”

As a former Save King, Cho might have had a desire to set a target record or figure for next season, but surprisingly, he said he did not have such a goal. “I have never set a goal for figures or records. When I set a goal, I get hooked on it. It’s just that I’m coming back after a long time, so I hope I can play a good full season without getting hurt,” Cho said.

Unless something unexpected happens, Cho will head to the spring camp in Arizona, the U.S. with the Kiwoom first team. “I’m really coming back now, so I’m going to throw a lot of balls,” Cho said. “I think I need to speed up. I’ll continue to challenge breaking balls that I’ve been practicing.”

Lastly, Cho Sang-woo said, “I still can’t believe it. I’ll work hard and show you better performance next season than before I served in the military. I’ll do my best. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!”

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