Ohtani, who got his number as a gift… I paid it back with a sports car that made a ‘billion’ sound

The scale is different. Shohei Ohtani (29) of the Los Angeles Dodgers, who surprised the public with the largest-ever contract in the U.S., gave up his uniform number and presented a luxury sports car to his teammate Joe Kelly (35) and his wife Ashley, who welcomed him.

Kelly’s wife Ashley released a video on her social media on the 24th (Korea Standard Time) receiving a gift. In the video, Ashley opened the door and couldn’t shut her mouth, and was told, “It’s yours. It’s a gift from Ohtani. It’s true.”랭크카지노

Ohtani gave Ashley a Porsche because of his jersey number. The number 17 that Ohtani used when he was with the Los Angeles Angels was originally the number that Kelly used for the Dodgers. Kelly had used the number even before his professional debut. However, even before Ohtani signed the contract, USA Today’s Bob Nightingale reported that the Dodgers promised to give up Ohtani’s jersey number through Kelly. It turned out not to be true, but attention was focusing on whether Ohtani would move or not.

His wife Ashley did not miss the fact that his husband became an issue. At that time, Ashley posted the “Ohtake17” tag on her social media account, meaning to take Ohtani’s number 17, and encouraged her to join. She even joked that she could throw away her husband’s number 17 jersey and shirt, and that she would change her son Kai’s name to Shokai after Ohtani. After Ohtani was confirmed, she even put on a performance of engraving a new number 99 on her husband’s back.

His jersey number became a hot topic of conversation among players as well. Walker Buehler, former team ace, said in a local radio interview, “Kelly is excited. I am agonizing over what kind of car I will get from Ohtani in the messenger group chat room.” In fact, he joked that Kelly would get a bigger gift as the star player in the past. Ohtani made Kelly’s joke a reality. Porsche’s ambassador really delivered Porsche to Ashley.

It is literally an all-time gift for a sports car worth billions of dollars with his back number. In Korean professional baseball, Choo Shin-soo, who joined SSG Landers in 2021, also received No. 17 from pitcher Lee Tae-yang and rewarded him with a top-of-the-line watch, but this is also not common in Korea.

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