Hanwha, which spent 4.8 billion won on five foreigners and collapsed, will Peña-Sanchez-Peraza succeed in the “3.6 billion trio”

The Hanwha Eagles have confirmed all three foreign players for next year. After two failed foreign players worth 1 million dollars this year, the Hanwha Eagles re-signed two foreign pitchers and hired young batters in their mid-20s.월카지노

Hanwha, which invested $3.7 million (about 4.8 billion won) in foreign recruitment this year, signed a total of $2.8 million (about 3.6 billion won) with three foreign players next year.

Hanwha started this season with Smith, Ogredi, and Peña as foreign players. Smith, who played for Seibu in the Japanese pro baseball last year, signed a contract worth 1 million U.S. dollars (down payment of 100,000 dollars, annual salary of 700,000 dollars, incentive of 200,000 dollars). Ogredi, who boasts slugging capability, had high expectations as he displayed better performance than Samsung’s Perella did in Japan. Ogredi signed a contract worth 900,000 dollars (annual salary of 700,000 dollars, incentive of 200,000 dollars). Peña joined as a substitute in 2022 and successfully renewed his contract (up to 850,000 dollars).

Smith and Ogredi, however, were nightmares. Smith, who threw 155 km fastballs but had a lot of injuries in the Major League and Japan, started the game against Kiwoom and allowed two runs during two ⅔s. Smith threw 60 pitches and voluntarily left the game due to a shoulder injury, and one game was over. Unable to wait for long rehabilitation time, the Hanwha Eagles quickly hired a substitute (Sanchez).

Ogredi, who was expected to be the cleanup hitter with slugging capability, was also miserable. Ogredi played in 22 games, recorded a batting average of 12.5 with zero homers, eight RBIs and 40 strikeouts, and was kicked out in mid-May. He joined the second division and had time to readjust, but failed to show a rebound.

After Smith and Ogredi were kicked out, Hanwha recruited left-hander Sanchez (400,000 U.S. dollars) as a foreign pitcher and Williams (450,000 dollars) as a foreign hitter. Williams had a batting average of 244 and failed to meet expectations as a foreign hitter.

2023 Season Hanwha Foreign Players

Smith (pitcher) $1 million / 6.75 ERA per game
Ogredi (batter) $900,000 / batting .1250 home runs and eight RBIs in 22 games
Peña (pitcher) $850,000 / 7-8 with a 3.79 ERA in 24 games
Sánchez (pitcher) $400,000 / 11-11 in 32 games with a 3.60 ERA
Williams (batter) $450,000 / 68-game batting average .244 with nine homers and 45 RBIs

Hanwha has decided to renew the contract with foreign pitchers Peña and Sanchez, who played throughout this season. Peña renewed the contract for up to 1.05 million dollars (down payment of 200,000 dollars, annual salary of 650,000 dollars, incentive of 200,000 dollars). The amount of the contract increased by 200,000 dollars from this year.

Peña has observed three-point ERA in both 2022 and this year when he joined as a substitute. Peña, who had five wins, four losses and a 3.72 ERA in 13 games (67 ⅔ innings) in 2022, played a full-time season this year and pitched in 32 games (177 ⅓ innings), recording 11 wins, 11 losses with a 3.60 ERA and 147 strikeouts.

Peña has displayed his consistency. He ranked sixth in innings and sixth in quality starts with 19 strikeouts in the league. He also tied for sixth with strikeouts. Hanwha had many losses due to its weak performance. If he played for a high-ranking team with good batting and stable defense, his personal performance would have been better. Peña will become the second foreign pitcher to play for three seasons, following Batista who played for Hanwha from 2011 to 2013.

Hanwha announced its renewal of its contract with Sanchez on Wednesday. Sanchez signed a maximum of 750,000 dollars (down payment of 100,000 dollars, annual salary of 500,000 dollars, incentive of 150,000 dollars). Sanchez joined Hanwha as Smith’s replacement at the end of April for an annual salary of 400,000 dollars, and pitched in 24 games (126 innings), recording seven wins, eight losses and a 3.79 ERA.

At first, it was quite impressive. Sanchez has performed very well in his first nine games with five wins and an unbeaten 1.48 ERA. However, he has been sluggish in 15 games since then, with two wins, eight losses and an ERA of 5.24. Hanwha looked for new foreign pitchers after the season, but couldn’t find a better alternative and re-signed with Sanchez. He was sluggish as his monotonous pitching pattern was identified in the opponent team’s analysis, and he needs to make up for it to show a better performance.

The Hanwha club explained the background of the renewal of the contract, saying, “While striking out 99, he only gave up 28 walks, and showed off his stable control, with the strikeout/ball-netting ratio among pitchers who pitched more than 100 innings ranking eighth in the league (3.54).”

After renewing his contract, Sanchez said, “I’m happy to continue my relationship with the Hanwha Eagles. I’m already excited to meet the Eagles fans in Daejeon again,” adding, “I’ll show you a better performance next season by making use of my strengths that have emerged throughout this season and making up for my shortcomings.”

Foreign hitters who failed in succession including Ogredi and Williams signed a one-million-dollar contract (down payment of 200,000 dollars, annual salary of 600,000 dollars, option of 200,000 dollars) with Ferraza, who is in his mid-20s. One million dollars is the cap on new foreign players.

Peraza, a switch hitter, has no major league experience but has shown steady growth in the minor leagues. He played 121 games for Triple-A Iowa under the Chicago Cubs, recording a batting average of 284 with 23 homers, 85 RBIs, 100 runs scored with 76 walks, 119 strikeouts and 13 stolen bases with a .389 on-base percentage, a .534 slugging percentage and an OPS of .922.

He is a small but sturdy (175 centimeters, 88 kilograms), mid- to long-distance hitter who produces line-drive hits with strong wrist strength and fast bat speed. He has strengths in hitting such as contact ability, ability to select pitches, and long-distance shots. He should join Noh Si-hwan, the king of home runs, and Chae Eun-sung, the 9 billion FA, in strengthening his power at the center batting line.

In Hanwha, young players such as Noh Si-hwan and Moon Dong-ju are growing. If three foreign players perform well, expectations can rise from the mid-range competition to the semifinal competition.

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