Gyeongnam signs professional contract with Sunggol Youth Midfielder Choi Min-seo

Gyeongnam FC, a professional soccer team, signed a professional joining contract with Choi Min-seo, a youth under the age of 18 (U-18) and midfielder from Jin High School.

Choi Min-seo is a midfielder who is 181 centimeters tall and weighs 73 kilograms. She has been expected to lead South Gyeongsang Province as she attended U-15 youth military and North middle school and U-18 youth high school.랭크카지노

In particular, Choi Min-seo led the championship in the fall national high school competition in 2021, and led the quarterfinals of the 2023 K-League Youth Championship by being the captain in the third year of U-18 Youth Jin High School this year.

Choi Min-seo is highly likely to develop into a central and holding midfielder with stable ball possession, game management ability, sharp passing and kick power, and was evaluated as a midfielder who helps his power.

“It’s an honor to join Gyeongnam, which I dreamed of since I was young,” Choi said. “As a rookie player, I will show you my passion. I will do my best to promote Gyeongnam in the 2024 season.”

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